One Explanation Of Coaching Moves

When Tim Drevno was hired as running backs coach, it seemed an odd move, given that he was an offensive line coach and had not coached running backs for 20 years. But one theory going around Heritage Hall is that current USC offensive line coach Neil Callaway is going to retire after this season and will be replaced by Drevno.

Maybe Helton did not want to lose Drevno while he was available, since Michigan let him go after last season. Maybe it will also give Helton more time to find another running backs coach. Remember, he did not contact Drevno until a week before spring practice started, so he wasn’t exactly tearing it up on the running backs coaching search.


3 thoughts on “One Explanation Of Coaching Moves

  1. “Helton not tearing it up in search for running backs’ coach” (?!). That doesn’t sound like our Clay.
    And “Callaway leaving” (?!). What will become of the o-line? The team itself?


    1. If you are right, it was a great move by Helton. He grabbed him as soon has he was publicly available, perhaps he knew something ahead of time. It isn’t about finding just an RB coach, Nanson could step in there if a good LB coach came available also. Lots of different ways to play it.


  2. My theory is that the offensive line coach had the saddest performance last season out of all the coaches. One bad game he is gone. Helton is ready.


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