Hue “Trust Me” Jackson Trades Cody Kessler

Remember when Cleveland drafted Cody Kessler in third round and Coach Hue Jackson said, “You have to trust me on this one.”

At the same time I said I did not trust Jackson. And today the Browns traded Kessler to the Jaguars for a conditional seven-round pick, to make room for Sam Darnold or some other rookie QB.

Should we trust Jackson with Darnold? To be fair, I’ve heard Jackson was not the one who wanted to draft Kessler. But if that is true, he did not need to go overboard with the “trust me” comment. Just say you liked Kessler. That would have been hard enough for me.

4 thoughts on “Hue “Trust Me” Jackson Trades Cody Kessler

  1. Scooter, get to work, the question is, who decided to trade Kessler? Was it the owner, the gm, or the coach? What was the circumstance? Why did they trade Kessler and not another qb?

    This is just a starter for the great journalist, SW.


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