Sizing Up Spring Quarterback Play

USC’s nearly at the halfway point of spring practice and the quarterback play has been “extremely average,” according to a Trojans assistant coach I spoke to.

That is expected since neither Matt Fink nor Jack Sears has much experience. But it also underscores the fact USC will miss Sam Darnold and some people seem blissfully unaware of this as they make their projections for the 2018 season.

The fact Fink and Sears are currently unremarkable is why JT Daniels thinks he will be the starter. But Daniels is going to have to win the job while sharing practice snaps in August. It’s not going to be easy, unless Helton does something unprecedented and just clears the way by giving him all the first-team reps right off the bat.

Helton, no doubt, is plotting a way to get Daniels to the top. But here’s another issue that the media is talking about (if not writing): They think Daniels is about 6-feet tall. Maybe he is his reported 6-1. Who knows? But they wonder if his height will be an issue. There are plenty of quarterbacks around that size who succeed in college (Russell Wilson, Johnny Manziel, Drew Brees) so maybe it won’t be an issue.

But it’s a legitimate question if Daniels is going to start right off the bat.

4 thoughts on “Sizing Up Spring Quarterback Play

  1. Watching Fink throw the football is not pretty. There is NO way on earth he’ll be able to lead a winning drive late in the 4th quarter. He doesn’t have the arm or the savvy. And that’s gotta be obvious as of right now to every opposing defensive coordinator we’ll face next year. So do we go with Daniels? Top twenty teams that have successfully started freshman quarterbacks have top quality quarterback coaches—-no one in their right mind would say USC has one of those (in fact, Ellis said the other day that he’s “splitting time between practice and his new family”). Oh, and we don’t have a real running backs coach either. USC’s chances in 2018 rest on the shoulders of the starters on defense (i.e., the part of the team that Clay has next to nothing to do with).


  2. hi folks well sam the fumbler will not be missed hes a ball hog,fumbler,and cannot call A audible!!?? had what 30 turnovers!!!!!!!!! over rated if he ends up in cleveland turn out the lights the parties over?! Eddies fearless final four loyola does in michigan has plus 5 points and vill does in kansas but does not cover as self chokes in the clutch!!!!!!!!! Sincerely,Edward


  3. Yeah, Sammy simply turned the ball over too often. It’s akin to LeBron, the best player in the game, dribbling the ball off of his foot when he crosses half court. Doesn’t get the job done no matter how inherently talented he is. Can’t win with it.

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