Does USC Have 84th-Toughest Schedule?

Every year, it seems like USC has one of the nation’s toughest schedules. But if you use the NCAA formula (opponents’ records from the previous season), the Trojans have the 84th-toughest schedule according to college football analyst Phil Steele. Steele correctly notes this is not a full-proof method. Indiana had the 110th-toughest schedule last year but eight of its 12 opponents went on to play … Continue reading Does USC Have 84th-Toughest Schedule?

Hue “Trust Me” Jackson Trades Cody Kessler

Remember when Cleveland drafted Cody Kessler in third round and Coach Hue Jackson said, “You have to trust me on this one.” At the same time I said I did not trust Jackson. And today the Browns traded Kessler to the Jaguars for a conditional seven-round pick, to make room for Sam Darnold or some other rookie QB. Should we trust Jackson with Darnold? To … Continue reading Hue “Trust Me” Jackson Trades Cody Kessler

Sizing Up Spring Quarterback Play

USC’s nearly at the halfway point of spring practice and the quarterback play has been “extremely average,” according to a Trojans assistant coach I spoke to. That is expected since neither Matt Fink nor Jack Sears has much experience. But it also underscores the fact USC will miss Sam Darnold and some people seem blissfully unaware of this as they make their projections for the … Continue reading Sizing Up Spring Quarterback Play

Paul Westphal Makes College Hall Of Fame

Former USC guard Paul Westphal will be inducted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the 2018 class. The ceremony will be held Nov. 18, the day before USC plays in the Hall of Fame Classic. Texas Tech, Nebraska and Missouri State are the other teams in the tournament but no announcement has been made about who USC plays in the first … Continue reading Paul Westphal Makes College Hall Of Fame

Mark Sanchez To Seahawks?

There are rumors the Seahawks might sign Mark Sanchez. Now this would really be full circle. Sanchez reunited with Pete Carroll. Has it already been almost 10 years since the famous “no podium” press conference at Heritage Hall where Carroll went on-and-on about how Sanchez wasn’t ready for the NFL? Sanchez and his family were hardly thrilled with how that day went down. This really … Continue reading Mark Sanchez To Seahawks?

USC Afternoon Notes: Clay Helton Says What You Expect

USC coach Clay Helton was on the NFL Network and asked about Jim Mora’s comment yesterday that the Cleveland Browns should take Sam Darnold. “I’m biased. I’m going to take Sam Darnold,” Helton said, unwilling to make any bold proclamations about Josh Rosen. Meanwhile, a pretrial hearing for USC wide receiver Joseph Lewis was continued for four weeks. Lewis has pleaded not guilty to five … Continue reading USC Afternoon Notes: Clay Helton Says What You Expect