Should This Be Final Word On Quarterbacks?

Is it even worth mentioning USC’s quarterbacks are struggling this spring? Jack Sears threw another interception Tuesday but the bigger picture is this spring will be remembered for the problems experienced in the battle to replace Sam Darnold.

“We have to get them right,” USC quarterbacks coach Bryan Ellis said. “It’s all on us. It’s all on me. I gotta get the quatterbacks understanding what to do, where to go. understanding to execute those things a little quicker. When we get there, we’ll be just fine.”

It’s good that Ellis puts the burden on himself. But it doesn’t mean the quarterbacks will automatically be better in the fall.

This doesn’t bode well for the Week 2 and Week 3 games at Stanford and Texas. Especially when the tailback position seems likely to be in its own makeover without Ronald Jones. Stephen Carr is still resting is back. When he had the chance to make an impace against Cal last year (Jones was hurt), he did not exactly dominate. Aca’Cedric Ware is having a big spring according to Clay Helton but he doesn’t have Carr’s speed.

Back to the quarterbacks: There is only so much better they can get during the spring. So with five practices left, you might get some glowing internet reports here or there. But no major transformation will occur in 10 days.

It was all much simpler with Sam Darnold rescuing everyone, including Helton.


4 thoughts on “Should This Be Final Word On Quarterbacks?

  1. Some thoughts about where we’re at:
    -Bryan Ellis looks and acts like a little boy. An enthusiastic, smart little boy —but a little boy, nevertheless.
    -It’s too late to fix Fink or Sears. They are what they are. By now, each defensive coordinator in the Pac 12 is drooling to meet them on the field.
    -As a result of our quarterback situation, we have no earthly idea how good our secondary really is. All of Clay’s happy talk about the corners means nothing —we won’t know anything until the Stanford game.
    -Our defense MIGHT really be stellar, but I worry about injuries to starters — they’re gonna be on the field A LOT.


  2. Rescuing everyone? He turned the ball over more than 110 other schools in D1. He had more talent, maybe, in USC history, but when he shot himself in the foot ever other drive, he killed us. Odd for Scottie to have such rose-colored glasses when it comes to Sam – but I get it – it’s he oddly anti-USC (self-loathing alumnus) angle. Strained? Sure…. But he, I dig Scottie and his brand.


  3. Here is my take on the situation, and with $5 and this opinion you might get a coffee somewhere. The defense is learning along side of the offense at this point. They (hopefully) can read the “tells” the receivers are sending when they run a route. So there is a telegraph situation. And scripted plays are too easy to defend. The coaches are watching execution of the play and not the results . I hope once real game situations start coming at the quarterbacks they show their stuff.


  4. Why would USC pickup 2 QB’s that can’t play and also have a preferred walkon QB. It is spring ball right now, nobody is going to come out #1, and then again, if they have a QB that can throw 60-66% completions, the run game will open up and USC can dominate. Defense will carry the team basically. Just stay healthy.


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