USC Ranked No. 12 By Sporting News

The Sporting News has its way-too-early Top 25 rankings and USC is No. 12.

That seems high to me, given USC’s uncertainty on offense and some legitimate questions on defense. I also question whether the general sloppiness from last season has been addressed or will be corrected.

But I would expect USC to be ranked in the top 15 of most preseason polls. USC is a high-profile program and won 10 games last season. So the Trojans will get stuck into all the polls even with last season’s disappointments.

The full poll is here.


8 thoughts on “USC Ranked No. 12 By Sporting News

  1. Troy HAS the players to justify a top 10 ranking. Players aren’t the problem. The problem is the coaching staff. When EVERYTHING depends on getting the best quarterback coach available —and you come up with a guy who actually brags that he got the job because he, among other things, was willing to “go get coffee” for Clay—you got problems. I like Bryan Ellis —he seems like an up and coming position coach —-but, as far as 2018 goes, USC needed someone who’s already arrived. And I hate the fact that Clay is setting this kid up for the fall.


    1. You don’t like Ellis? You’re in the minority, actually. Listen to the guy talk football. Might surprise yourself.


      1. Oh Boy! The first debate on Scott’s new blog. Thank you, Lamont.
        Ellis isn’t bad —in fact, he has the potential to be very good SOMEDAY. The problem is that he’s way over his head as of right now. We’d need the savviest quarterback coach on planet earth to get Fink or Sears ready for Stanford and/or Texas —– and Bryan Ellis isn’t the savviest quarterback coach on planet earth.
        We may win one or even both of those tough games next September— but it won’t happen because of anything Sears, Fink or Ellis does.


  2. The sloppiness was from Sam, and he’s gone, which is a good thing (even though I love the kid personally – wish we could have had his RS Freshman profile during his RS soph season). As the Peristyle boys said, after the Rose, the whole team just took a deep breath and figured Sam would be winning games for them. This crew is much more serious this season. They know it will have to be a team effort to win. Love it.

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  3. Unless Daniels can take control of the reigns this team will go nowhere.
    Still have to replace Rasheem Green and Nwosu on the front defensive line along with Hawkins at safety. Carr has to stay healthy which now appears to be a problem. Much tougher road schedule than last season.
    Lamont you are a lost soul. What game did Darnold lose with his sloppiness? Killed by ND and OSU while defense lost the WSU game. He saved the Texas, Utah, Arizona all at home, and the Stanford title game.
    Right now Fink and Sears couldn’t start for Slippery Rock. They are not even on par with Max Browne.

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    1. Start with Notre Dame. Why not? His first play from scrimmage was a fumble, if I remember correctly. I would agree with both of you guys that Fink and Sears are just keeping the seat warm for Daniels. I think he’ll be superior to Barkley as a freshman starter, and I think by year 2 and 3 he’ll be deadly. In my mind, it’s a matter of managing the offense in year one, and relying heavily on the defense. The D-Line will be an absolute strength this year. Much more depth there than we’ve ever had. Safety and CB depth this year is substantial. And I love Cam/Porter working the new LBs into the mix. I like our 3-headed monster at RB – two big boys and Carr in a nice, tight rotation. [Drevno, with his broader perspective of following O-line blocks, will be a surprise asset.] And the pair of now-veteran receivers along with ARSB in the slot (and hopefully returning punts), and we should do just fine. I’m less concerned about Stanford, actually, and more concerned with our O-Line against the stout D-Line of Texas. We CAN start 3 – 0, but sure, maybe 2 – 1 is more realistic. After that, I’m thinking that we’re in a flow enough to run the table, but who knows? I don’t see this as a major down season.

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      1. You are 100% correct on this one, Lamont. Sears and Fink ARE just keeping the seat warm for Daniels. If Helton trusted either one of the guys presently throwing in spring practice it wouldn’t have been necessary to ask Daniels to take like 373 units to graduate high school early. Only question is: can Daniels be ready for Stanford? That’s a tall order.


  4. Scooter, you are wrong, until sc proves that they are good, they should be around 16-18 in the rankings. The qb is unproven and last year’s oline is back this year and they did not do a thing to help Darnold. Martin’s play calling sucked and his scheme sucked. Against Texas, they had only one back. I guess Martin looked at the ’06 Texas game and saw what to do. They needed two backs on the possession on the goal line. Sc will win the usual and will lose to an equal or superior team in talent due to coaching. Coaching needs to be upgraded on the oline and offensive cod’s positon. Until then, SC will always be 9-3 or 10-2 but not playoff caliber.


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