Did Cody Kessler Throw A Better Deep Ball Than Sam Darnold?

USC radio announcer Pete Arbogast did an interview with the Cleveland Browns Daily radio show today to discuss Sam Darnold.

The comment that drew the most attention in Cleveland was when Arbogast compared Darnold to Cody Kessler.

“They throw a similar ball. I thought Kessler maybe threw a little better long ball.”
I’m trying to think of any area where Kessler was superior to Darnold and deep throws is not one of them.
In fact, one of Kessler’s on-going criticisms was problems completing deep balls and Kessler would even speak about wanting to prove critics wrong about arm strength.
Arbogast also disagreed with Jim Mora and said the Browns should take Josh Rosen No. 1.
“I think they should take Josh Rosen, actually. I think he’s better. He’s better built for the pros. I think Rosen’s got a stronger arm.”

2 thoughts on “Did Cody Kessler Throw A Better Deep Ball Than Sam Darnold?

  1. Cody probably completed more 35 plus yard passes than Sam —but Sam’s o-line was so bad, it’s hard to say Cody was better at the long ball.
    [Cody’s o-line wasn’t much either —but Sam’s was a whole new kind of bad]. It takes a couple seconds for a receiver to get 30 yards beyond scrimmage and poor Sam didn’t always have that much time to set up.


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