Sam Darnold and Clay Helton Will Attend NFL Draft

Sam Darnold and Clay Helton will both attend the NFL Draft in Texas. That will be the first positive experience for them at AT&T Stadium.

Meanwhile, Matt Fink threw two interceptions today but I said I wouldn’t dwell on the quarterbacks. I’m a little surprised on how glowing some reports of USC’s defense are on the internet. They are going against two unproven quarterbacks, backup running backs and a still-learning offensive line. And the defense is almost always ahead of the offense in spring practice anyways.

Linebacker Jordan Iosefa will miss the rest of spring with a dislocated kneecap.

Five-star QB Aaron McLaughlin of Buford, Ga., attended practice. If JT Daniels starts next season, though, why would McLaughlin (Class of 2021) go to USC?

Jameson Williams, a three-star wide receiver from St. Louis, was also at practice.


4 thoughts on “Sam Darnold and Clay Helton Will Attend NFL Draft

  1. Scooter, why is the oline still learning? I thought they were a veteran group. That tells you what kind of season sc will have, lousy. The will oline will be beaten be like a drum. They are already beaten mentally and physically if they are in the learning stage. Will they get better? Time will tell, but I doubt it. By this time of spring practice, you can tell if they are any good. I will see tomorrow firsthand and decide from there. I will be very critical because of the coach and how they were beaten by nd and ohio st. In the old days when Houck was the oline coach, sc won those games because of the oline. You knew they would dominate in the fourth quarter. Now, you can’t be too certain if they know how to tie their shoes let alone block someone. SC will have a 10-3 season with losses to equal or tougher teams because the oline was destroyed.


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