USC Morning Buzz: Take The Under

ESPN’s FPI formula projects every year how many games teams will win. FPI stands for football power index.

The 2018 projections give USC a 25 percent chance of repeating as Pac-12 champions and projected the Trojans to win 8.7 games.

Right now, I will take the under. Especially if USC starts the season 1-2.

But it’s only April. Maybe that will change in August when everyone is slobbering over JT Daniels.

Let’s see how the FPI fared last season in a real conference (The SEC):

Alabama 10.6-1.9/13-1

Auburn 9.5-2.8/10-4

LSU 9-3.1/9-4

Georgia 8.4-4/13-2

Florida 7.9-4.4/4-7

Tennessee 7.9-4.3/4-8

Kentucky 6.7-5.4/7-6

TAMU 6.6-5.4/7-6

Mizz 6.5-5.5/7-6

Ole Miss 6.4-5.6/6-6

Arkansas 6.1-5.9/4-8

Miss St 6.1-6/9-4


8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Take The Under

  1. I like the focus on the SEC last year (wut?) with no mention of how USC exceeded its FPI projection last year. Typical.


    1. Can’t wait for August. It appears fans have a serious job to do. We all need to start slobbering (big time) if we want USC to repeat as Pac 12 Champion and get to the playoffs.

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    1. I expect LOTS of slobbering AND blubbering this season. In fact, I look forward to it.


  2. Hey wolf, a sharp guy like you, should take the annual donut allowance and bet it all on USC and the under. winner, winner chicken dinner( what a f-king tool)


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