Should You Go To USC Spring Game?

USC will have its final practice Saturday at noon. Usually it is at the Coliseum. Because of renovation construction it will be at Cromwell Field on campus.

Clay Helton has not had an actual spring game the past two seasons but rather a glorified practice. Now maybe Helton will change his mind and do an actual game. It wouldn’t be the first time he reversed a decision.

But here’s the dilemma: Cromwell Field has seating for 3,000. USC will not get the 15,000 or so that often attend spring games at the Coliseum. But do you think at least 3,000 will show Saturday? What if 4,000 show up? Where will the extra 1,000 sit?

You can always watch through the fence across from the stadium. But that’s not ideal. Back in the mid-90’s, USC would hold its spring game at Howard Jones Field and around 3,000 would encircle the field, which was not the best for viewing purposes. But that was before spring games became an event.

Here’s another thought: Can you imagine Alabama, Ohio State, Tennessee, Nebraska or Michigan having their spring game at a 3,000-seat stadium?

UPDATED: Helton said after Thursday’s practice USC will hold a “very modified” scrimmage Saturday. Sounds like it is worth skipping.


7 thoughts on “Should You Go To USC Spring Game?

  1. “What if 4000 show up at stadium with 3000 capacity?” Very good question, Scott. And there’s only ONE way to find out the answer. I strongly urge ALL Trojan fans to attend the Spring Game.


    1. YES! Actually, it’s tough to watch a spring game. Frustrating. Every time you’re happy about a big play on one side of the ball, you’re unhappy re: the other side of the ball.

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  2. You wanna be bored, then go to a spring ” game ” . I went to one at HJF when Tollner was the coach, stood right behind the offense. Rex Moore dove at a runner on the sidelines and damn near killed a small kid, the dad yanked him out of the way at the last second, it was the most excitement of the day.

    One can only imagine how boring Gomer would make one of these ” games “


  3. Dont’ worry Scottie, I hear there’s an Astros Donuts and a Spudnuts Donuts nearby HJF. I would also recommend bringing a box to stand on, those crowds can block the view of the shorter folk.


  4. Is there anything else to do in Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, or Tennessee in the early spring? Or anytime for that matter? So suck it up buttercup, the Coliseum will be done soon, then you can be critical of all the improvements there.

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