USC Sunday Buzz: At Least One School Had Spring Stats

USC ran a 40-play scrimmage with vanilla plays.

But if you want to know what Florida did, quarterback Feleipe Franks was 8-of-12 with 117 yards and passed for a touchdown. Kyle Trask was 12-of-24 with 178 yards and one touchdown pass.

No such luck with USC quarterbacks. It’s actually crueler for the defensive players, who don’t get any credit for what they did yesterday.

Meanwhile, here’s what Clay Helton said about the quarterback competition:

“I’ve always thought that spring really helps you. To have the opportunity to work the receivers, to haee the opportunity to gain valuable experience from some failures that hopefully will be some success stories in the fall, but that definitely helps.

“It’s also about what you do in the summer and that’s also an opportunity for JT and Matt and Jack and Holden (Thomas) to really have the opportunity to see where they’re at and how much work they pour into the summer.”

TRANSLATION: JT Daniels can still start even though he wasn’t participating in spring drills.





One thought on “USC Sunday Buzz: At Least One School Had Spring Stats

  1. Lot of schools kept stats —including Utah and Ohio State (oh, and they actually TACKLED in their scrimmages & let their defensive ends go after the quarterback). Helton, for all his strengths, is a little bit of a flowerchild
    (e.g., “I never tell a player he has weaknesses—I don’t like that word”) and the sweetness of his philosophy doesn’t serve the Trojans well when they get in knock down, drag out fights with equally talented teams.


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