USC Ends Spring Practice On Sunny Note

I defy anyone to say Saturday’s practice at Cromwell Field really proved anything. Matt Fink and Jack Sears completed passes, which was good. But how that translates to a game five months from now is anyone’s guess.

And does anything that happened in spring practice matter if JT Daniels starts? Clay Helton said Daniels can participate in player-run practices that begin June 8 because he will be enrolled in summer school.

Does that mean Daniels is a sure-thing to graduate early from high school?

It seems like kids do it these days when they need to, just ask Marvin Bagley.

But player-run practices are a lot different than real practices. It’s in shorts and T-shirts. There’s no serious pass rush. It’s non-contact.

It’s better than nothing but it won’t mean much compared to the training camp practices that begin August 3.

It will be those first 15 practices, shared with Matt Fink and Jack Sears, that will determine things. And I would love to see the coaches’ secret game plan to get Daniels ready.

He will require more reps. And you can’t get anyone ready if you split the reps three ways.

But somehow, Daniels will get reps and eventually start.

As I’ve said before, the coaches expect Daniels to start. They won’t admit it. But they believe it.


8 thoughts on “USC Ends Spring Practice On Sunny Note

  1. Matt and Jack’s completions were all (very) short passes behind the line or just past scrimmage. We didn’t see any of the bullets into the end zone we saw from Sam when he was competing against Max for the starting position. We did see Sears throw (an unsuccessful) fade into the endzone from about the 15 yard line.
    In short, nothing much was asked of the quarterbacks —they are being babied along. Helton didn’t want them to prove how inadequate they are with cameras rolling.

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    1. Of course, there are those more balanced reports that have stated for over a week this would be a vanilla scrimmage(practice) and neither side of the ball would show anything worthwhile for another team to use (ie; stanfurd) when we play them.. nonetheless, as far as tall qb’s go, how about Drew Breeze or Russell Wilson, they seem to be doing ok, no?

      Hope all is well in paradise!!

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      1. Hey, bud! So good to hear from you! Everything is fine out here —great lightning storm last night —loved the fireworks over the ocean. How you doing?
        I heard that we’d be doing a glorified practice rather than a game —–but, wow! I couldn’t believe how slow things went. Lots of standing around. Lots of talking. I think you’re right about Clay not wanting to show anybody anything —-but I sure do hope these guys are getting worked harder than that in normal practices. Every Pete Carroll practice I ever saw went much faster than what I saw today.
        Just for arguments sake, if we ARE planning to run some version of the offense I saw today —we’re in big trouble. Teams will put 8 guys on the line and stop us cold. You can’t get by on quarterback runs and 9 yard passes to tight ends —-no matter how good your defense is (and, actually, our defense didn’t look that good against runs to the outside —in fact, it looked a bit slow).
        Lots of time to tighten things up and fine tune, though.
        Fight On!

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    2. I’m glad all’s well, and life is beautiful in the 🌴 islands.

      Weird that I can’t reply below, anyway I don’t think putting eight guys in the box will be an obstacle to our offense as I think JT will have that covered. I know he gets all the press right now and probably rightly so, but in about a month St Brown, the number 1 receiver in the country shows up as a compliment to Vaughns and Pittman and with Falo or Daniels will make it hard not to drop five in coverage. For those who say that JT doesn’t have the experience to pressure the defense, I say look at his freshman film/stats from MD. They were a much weaker team in those years yet he still played remarkably. I’d refer you to the nfl network and rich eisen show when he had Jordan Palmer on. Aground the 19:00 minute mark where he talks about JT, and “SC not missing a beat” with the new kid.
      As far as the defense being slow, I’d say it had to do with the non-contact/tackling than real speed, always easier to play faster running through your opponents than getting there and stopping.

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      1. J. T. looks like the real deal, Pudly—-a better thrower than Fink or Sears and a good decision maker (I checked out the Eisen/Palmer conversation, by the way —thanks)! And I definitely give the defense a pass on the half dozen 20 yard runs up the middle (where it looked like the tailback got touched several times and kept running) but it bothered me that no one even touched Fink when he took off for the sidelines and turned it up field for 35 yards. Maybe everybody was told in advance to stay out of Fink’s way if he ran.
        I hope J. T. is heavy enough and strong enough to take the hits if he turns out to be the starter. It ain’t gonna be easy going (physical punishment-wise) against Stanford or Texas for an 18 year old quarterback.
        Stick around Pudly! This site needs you!

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  2. I was under the impression there would be no “spring game.” But I guess being shown on the PAC 12 nutworks isn’t really newsworthy. I hope the summer brings some improvement. While I’m making fun of the PAC 12 tv station I wonder out loud why USC, with all the rich donors, doesn’t have their own channel. I doubt the USC channel would schedule a midday game in August or a Friday night game . And not having a contract with a major market player is just crazy .

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  3. It’s not a brain-teaser, here. No idea why you’re actin’ all pugnacious, Scottie. Sure, anti is the brand, but if JT wins the position in the fall, he wins it. It’s not like either of the other 3 QBs is a world-beater. And don’t get too angry that the coaching staff doesn’t provide for you all of their internal thoughts. It’s fairly typical for coaches to hold back game plans and long term strategy.

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