USC Saturday Buzz

Spring practice at noon today at Cromwell Field.

What’s a shame is that unlike so many other schools, USC no longer provides stats for its scrimmages. The team has scrimmaged on several Saturdays this spring with enough plays to do stats.

Last week, there were 50 plays. And no stats. It used to be a foregone conclusion that official stats would be taken.

You can bet the coaches certainly track stats when they look at the film, so it’s not like no one is taking them. It would nice to do it for only one reason: To give fans a chance to gauge how everyone is doing. It also gives credit to players who perform in scrimmages.

If you have the Pac-12 Network (unlike me), you might see other spring games today. And they might even have stats!


10 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz

  1. Does anyone else really think stats from spring football are important? Is the spring game like a final exam? Wolf found something to complain about and most of us are dumbfounded as he never complains about anything. His schtick is so old and stale.


      1. I like Wolf’s ”call- as- I- see- ’em” manner the he reports on USC. Do not agree with him some time, but I do like his “throw way the rose colored glasses” approach.

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    1. No. It’s a little …. (derivation of “pathos” deleted) that a beat reporter is begging for stats from a spring practice.


    2. Steveg and gang —I’ll give you guys an update the moment the Spring Non Game is over. I won’t be looking at stats —I’ll be looking to see (1) if Fink is still throwing air balls on anything beyond 20 yards, (2) which members of the o-line get beat on a regular basis, and (3) how tightly the corners are covering the wide receivers. Based on what I’ve seen in past Spring Non Games (Max Browne not being able to throw a football into the endzone, o-line getting beat every other play, centers messing up the snap, etc.) it should be pretty easy to see what our problems are without stats.


      1. Spring Non Game over. Lots & lots of dropped passes by probable starters and walk-ons alike —-and this was happening on easy passes (5 to 10 yard stuff). Sears completed ONE good pass and Helton screamed, “good, good, GOOD.”
        The running game was a different story. Every time a running back or quarterback (Sears or Fink) ran to the outside they made tons of yards without being touched.
        Porter Gustin looked great in drills —except for the fact that he had cut up his uniform with scissors to give himself more mobility. Naturally, Clay said nothing.
        Scott was right about one thing —after it was over, Helton proclaimed Spring a “BIG SUCCESS.”
        Note: One comment by Helton caught my attention: “I’m glad we decided to keep Clancy for one more season.” What?!


  2. Buddakarma, you are right. Who cares about stats. What we old timers miss is the physicality in practice. You have to learn it during spring. This is the foundation that is set for the year. All I have seen is pansy-soft football. U might as well call USC, uscla from now on. Horrible in how the program has slid down the slope to mediocrity. I will not be surprised if they are 0-3 in the first three games. Gone are the days that when USC played bama or Ohio st. That u knew for certain and that u could bet your house that USC would win. Now we don’t know if they can beat unlv. If they do, it will be a miracle. Forget Stanford and Texas, those games are a loss. For those who will critcize my opinion, why do u think we will win? The two qb’ s right now are average, You expect J.T. Daniels to step in right away and be another Darnold? Highly unlikely. Sc would have a chance if the o line was physical, but they are not. McKay is rolling in his grave seeing all the Panzy football at USC. Guys and galls, we got snookeredwith the team and the renovation of the Colisuem. We won’t beat the bama sand Ohio st’s until sc returns to being a physical team.


  3. Here’s a crazy thought Wolf. Since you make your living writing about Pac 12 sports why don’t you switch to a cable provider that has the Pac 12 network?


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