USC Spring Picture Of The Day

Photo/L.A. Examiner

Here is a photo from the 1961 USC spring game at the Coliseum. This was the game where former USC players, who were in the NFL, returned to play against current USC players.

In the above photo, USC/NFL tailback Al Carmichael (21) runs the ball. It looks like he is being chased by Pete Beathard, quarterback for the 1962 national championship team. Remember, players went both ways in those days.

Legendary USC assistant coach Dave Levy recently told me the pro vs. college game was discontinued because of insurance costs.

The late Hal Bedsole told me the game was stopped because he and other players got injured from severe hits by the NFL players.

Either way, can you imagine in today’s world having NFL players return and play?

In the 1961 game,  the pro roster also included Lindon Crow, Leon Clark, Monte Clark, Marlin McKeever and Mike Henry. Rams tailback Jon Arnett served as a coach.

Quarterback Frank Hall threw a touchdown pass and run another for the pro team. The USC team got its only points when quarterback Bill Nelsen intercepted a pass on defense and scored on a 1-yard run.

3 thoughts on “USC Spring Picture Of The Day

  1. They all played defense, that’s the way it was. Usually a fullback would play linebacker, qb could be db or safety, etc., that kind of thing.


  2. Al was another of those 2 way stars,on 1952 team. I was at the game in ’52 vs ucla when SC or ucla winner was going to the ’53 Rose Bowl and play Big 10 champs Wisconsin and their all American fullback Alan Ameche…’the horse’ was his football name…got to go to that one too…Al caught the TD pass from Rudy Bukich…in SC 7-0 win….first time a PCC team beat a big 10 team in Rose Bowl under their contractual agreement.


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