Will USC Ever Have Another Spring Game?

USC ran its 40-play scrimmage that purposely had vanilla plays because the game was on the Pac-12 Network.

This is the third year Clay Helton has decided to do away with a regular spring game, which would be about 80-90 plays.

I’m not sure why a spring game is frowned upon at USC. The depth, if you listen to the coaches, is the best its been since NCAA sanctions. There have not been scholarship limitations for several years so there is no longer the excuse that USC is short-handed.

If Matt Fink and Jack Sears need one thing, it is game-like experience. Stanford, Utah and Arizona held spring games on Saturday and there is no way Helton would trade his roster for their roster.

Even if the plays were basic, Fink and Sears would benefit from a full scrimmage. Besides, I’ve yet to speak to a Pac-12 defensive coordinator that ever feels USC’s offense is complicated. So I don’t see a problem running another 40 plays, simple or not.

It also benefits the inexperienced defensive linemen and reserve defensive backs that often get helped the most during spring drills.

Lastly, the fans deserve a showcase. Even if it was at Cromwell Field, it was televised, albeit on the Pac-12 Network. So let the fans have one day to enjoy the team they know and love. Utah had a 57-yard FG at its spring game (see below).

Was anyone talking about one play at Cromwell Field on Saturday? Not really.

The truth is there probably will not be another traditional spring game under Helton.



7 thoughts on “Will USC Ever Have Another Spring Game?

    1. Whatever happy talk came out of Helton’s lips on Saturday, it’s obvious that he’s well aware of how bad his quarterbacks are —-he did’t let them throw one long ball all day. And the only pass into the end zone was on a short, sad and unsuccessful fade route. My advice to Helton: instead of trying to conceal how inadequate our pass game is, start putting the quarterbacks in pressure situations sometime before the Stanford game.


  1. That’s actually a good way of looking at it, Lamont.
    (Also—-thanks for testing the censorship limits. Let’s try other words and see how far the new system will let us go).


  2. I am a surprised that the USC A.D. would not have insisted on a spring game format when the practice schedule was set.
    Did ‘Bama have a spring game? Texas? Oklahoma? Ohio State? Stanford?

    Clearly Utah did.

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    1. Our “A.D.” has one firm rule, R.T.—— never “insist” on anything.


  3. Well this year there is no stadium to play a spring game in. I do not remember seeing a spring game…actual live game in a long time. I guess the tradition is to have no tradition.


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