USC Morning Buzz: If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The Weekly Notes Column

  • What do the USC coaches think of the offensive line?
  • Consider this: I wrote yesterday there is a lot of buzz UCLA offensive lineman Stephan Zabie will transfer to USC. Zabie left the UCLA football program last month. And UMass offensive tackle Jack Driscoll will reportedly visit USC this weekend. Driscoll would be eligible immediately as a graduate transfer.
  • So offensive line is obviously a concern and considered in need of improvement. Chuma Edoga was wildly inconsistent at right tackle last season. Austin Jackson and Clayton Johnston shared the left tackle spot during spring drills.
  • So even if you hear Clay Helton loves the offensive line, his pursuit of transfers speaks louder.
  • An NFL scout tells me that USC spring practice featured some of the softest practices he can remember. And he attended USC spring practices in the past five years too.
  • USC tailback Ronald Jones has met with the 49ers, Redskins, Colts, Buccaneers, Patriots, Eagles, Ravens, Broncos, and Cowboys as the draft approaches.
  • Jury selection for Todd McNair’s trial vs. the NCAA started underway. McNair has not coached since USC chose not to renew his contract back in 2010. One thing never mentioned is if McNair’s law firm has supported him financially the past eight years in anticipation of a huge payday in court?
  • When Don Clark resigned in 1959 as USC football coach, he was replaced by John McKay.
  • But one of McKay’s top assistants, Dave Levy, told me that McKay got the job over Al Davis. Who knew?
  • It could have been USC coach Al Davis.
  • Davis and McKay were both on Clark’s staff. It’s hard to argue with USC hiring McKay, who was named coach of the Pac-12 All-Century team. And it worked out for Davis, who became the owner of the Raiders.
  • McKay’s known mostly for witty one-liners and his famous booth at Julie’s Restaurant.
  • But one thing I’ve learned interviewing former players is how few actually liked him. He wasn’t especially friendly, changed his mind constantly and had a famous temper. After the 51-0 loss to Notre Dame in 1966, he threw a projector in the office while watching film of the game.



5 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The Weekly Notes Column

    1. Please remind your acquaintances that, had they played for Clay Helton, they would have had the pleasure of hearing many, many kind words flow from his lips every day.


  1. My bud Charlie Bucket is hoping that, sometime early in the direct exam of the first witness in the McNair trial, it’s revealed—contrary to Scott’s supposition—- that it WASN’T McNair’s law firm that subsidized his room and board for the last 10 years —-it was the Russians.


  2. Scooter, what would you expect from a coach who demanded national championships and heismans every year? Would u expect him to sing Kumbia like they do and west weird? Helton is almost at that point. Practices are soft and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Bring back the old days. This soft stuff is for West weird and not acceptable at USC.


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