Two Spring Practice Stars

I spoke to an NFL scout who attended spring practices and asked who impressed him: Wide receiver Velus Jones and linebacker Kana’i Mauga were his choices.

But he also cautioned that Jones looked impressive in last year’s spring practice and was a non-factor last season.

It’s a reminder that spring stars often do not transfer to the regular season.


5 thoughts on “Two Spring Practice Stars

  1. Mauga seems to be flooring everyone…. We’ve got a winner with that young man (and he’s not the type who will be predicting a freshman Heisman triumph..**cough**jackjones**cough**)

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    1. 16 to 1 isn’t that bad….considering. Remember, Charlie —-this is a special UCLA team. They only lost 8 to 1 in their Tuesday game against U C Irvine. Very few teams can hang in there that way against Irvine.

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    2. Upchuck, as usual, your wine buzz from last week is still going strong in your brain. U quoted Jim Healy incorrectly. Here is the correct way of saying it, “ Who goofed? I gots to know”. Quote correctly next time.


  2. Scooter, you have not reported on the bama spring game being held now. From your future report on this, you will say that there is 75,000 people in the stands and that they won they won the national championship spring game.

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