Saturday Buzz: Two Quarterbacks That Could Have Gone To USC

I realize JT Daniels is supposed to be the best QB who ever played. But I think it is worth noting today that the younger brother of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa committed to the Crimson Tide.

So Alabama will have Tua and Taulia Tagovailoa at quarterback in 2019. Why does it matter to USC?

Because Tua and his father used to walk around in USC shirts in Honolulu according to my friends who live in Hawaii and are familiar with them. Tagovaliloa was USC’s QB to lose. And USC dropped the ball during his recruitment, which sent mixed signals to Tagovailoa.

Maybe it didn’t matter last season because USC had Sam Darnold. Some of you might not think it matters because Daniels is coming in this season.

I say it does matter based on what I saw of Tagovailoa in the national championship game. I know Daniels can’t scramble like him. And I doubt he has the same “team first” mentality as Darnold and Tagovaliloa.

USC’s frequently dropped the ball with recruits but most of the time the recruits want to come anyways. For example, they took their time recruiting top cornerback Olaijah Griffin and let him commit to UCLA last year. But then Jim Mora got fired and Griffin switched to USC.

So it worked out. USC is still USC. But sometimes, the coaches make recruiting more difficult than it needs to be.

Why not have two Tagovaliloa’s on the roster if you were USC?


9 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: Two Quarterbacks That Could Have Gone To USC

  1. May I ask the court to strike counsel’s question (i.e., “Why not have two Tagovailoas on the roster if were USC?”) on the grounds of inscrutability?

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  2. Perhaps the offer from Alabama included a better job for his dad. I think I would crap my pants if there was a positive remark by wolf on here. This negative schtik is so old now, gets harder to come on here, and really nothing here anyway.

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    1. I guess no one remembers that drunk sark getting fired and Tua walking off to bama. Why would he risk his career at a school who at the time went through coaches like wolf does donuts? It wasn’t so much a recruiting screwup as it was SC screwing the pooch with their coaches.

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