Things Could Always Be Worse

UCLA coach Chip Kelly probably wasn’t overly impressed by the quarterback stats at the UCLA spring game.

Devon Modster: 7-11 for 37 yards, 1 INT., 0 TD

Austin Burton: 6-8 for 110 yards, 0 INT., 1 TD

Matt Lynch: 3-11 for 35 yards, 1 INT., 1 TD

Jackson Gibbs: 2-4, 1 INT., 0 TD

At least it was a 90-play scrimmage and not a 40-play showcase like at USC last weekend.

Meanwhile, USC’s baseball team lost to UCLA, 16-1, on Friday night and trails the Bruins, 12-2, in the seventh inning tonight.



6 thoughts on “Things Could Always Be Worse

  1. Nice heading, Scott. “Things could be worse” is pretty much exactly what Chip said in his post scrimmage presser. When asked if the offense was where he hoped it would be, he grumbled, “I don’t hope. I just adjust to reality.” Wow. Chip sounds like he wants to jump ship already.

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  2. The rumor is Dan Hubbs has personally asked every member of this year’s baseball team to help get him fired by midnight 4/21/18.


    1. Dan Hubbs must be fired at end of the season. A disgrace to the baseball program. Lost 19 to 2 to ucla for the 2nd straight blow out of immense proportions. Earlier was swept by Stanford 35 to 3 in Palo Alto now 35 runs in two games already. Team plays scared, and quits once behind by
      large margin. A lower division school could put up a better fight than this squad. Another wasted season at hand being 6 and 11 in the Pac-12.

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  3. USC once had a proud and dominant tradition in baseball and other sports, with as wealthy as the university is and as highly regarded academically it has become, where the hell is the Trojan pride and does conquest mean anything anymore at Troy. I believe it all starts at the very top in USC administration for the current mediocrity.

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  4. It looks like ugly has worse qb problems than Usc. Hopefully the defenses sack them about 8 times each and every game. Hoping Kelly realizes that trying to coach football at ugly is futile and he will become demoralized and quit after next season

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    1. May I amend your wish a tiny bit, Paul? I’m hoping for a REAL first —-I’m hoping Kelly realizes the futility of coaching UCLA football, becomes demoralized and quits after the first half of the first game……..


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