Sunday Buzz: What Is Going On With USC Baseball?

USC lost to UCLA, 19-2, on Saturday. The Trojans lost to the Bruins, 16-1, on Friday.

That means USC was outscored, 35-3, in two games.

Think it was a fluke? Earlier in the year, Stanford outscored USC, 34-2, in a three-game series.

USC is 18-17 overall and 6-11 in the Pac-12. The Trojans are in eighth place in the conference.

Can USC coach Dan Hubbs possibly survive this?

Even if USC fires Hubbs, who will it hire? USC seems to have no appetite for paying coaches of the lower-profile sports. Look at some hires under athletic director Lynn Swann: Women’s volleyball coach Brent Crouch came from Portland University; women’s basketball coach Mark Trakh came from New Mexico State and women’s tennis coach Alison Swain came from Williams College, which is Division III.

Does that provide some scary thoughts over the potential baseball hire?

Don’t forget last year USC got turned down by the Florida Gulf Coast women’s basketball coach. That should tell you something about how much USC is willing to play.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: What Is Going On With USC Baseball?

  1. USC is a very rich school so it’s baffling why they wouldn’t spent little more money while others with less budget pay and bring better coaches, this is a pattern it seems regardless who is AD. Maybe we should look at the head. Nikias.

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    1. Nikias doesn’t care about sports, neither did Sample. This isn’t the USC of the 60’s and 70’s sports wise or academic wise.

      USC should be about hiring the best people across the board, not just academia and one wonders if they are doing that with the recent Med School scandal, which the Greek somehow survived.

      Helton, no previous head coaching experience
      Hubbs, no previous head coaching experience
      Enfield, Florida Gulf Coast

      That’s the 3 major sports and 2 of the 3 head coaches are learning on the job, that’s pathetic. Look at some of the other head coaches at USC and where they came from and their coaching experience, it’s sad.


  2. USC baseball sucks really hairy balls.

    It’s gonna be fun watching Chip Kelly use his current roster of nobodies to put this kind of beat down on slow clay. Enjoy the rest of your weekend mericonés.


  3. Little Miguel, I laugh at ur pathetic excuse for a football team called the ugly ruins. Their wb’s could not hit the side of a barn if their lives depended upon it. The jelly offense has been practiced against and has been stopped. Uglies defense is like Swiss cheese. Too many holes. Kelly will realize the futility of coaching at ugly and he will come to his senses by quoting after this season


  4. Hubbs has to go. There is so much damage done to this program. It will take a few years just to get back to being a playoff team. Swann needs to spend money on a good coach

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    1. This SO like you, Scott. Jumping on some poor USC coach after a couple of losses. I am positive that you can find another Pac 12 baseball coach whose lost back to back games against his archrival by scores like 16-1 and 19-2…….if you’re willing to research the books going back to the beginning of the last century.

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  5. Well one thing is guaranteed at this point they won’t be naming a field after Hubbs. I think the nonchalant attitude towards baseball is starting to affect the whole department. Pretty soon the winning programs will see more losses than wins and the spiral will be expensive to fix.


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