USC Picture Of The Day

Here is legendary USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux talking to second baseman Mike Gillespie in 1962. Gillespie succeeded Dedeaux and won a national title in 1998.

USC needs to find a way to regain the tradition that these coaches instilled. It has one NCAA Tournament appearance since Gillespie was fired in 2006. USC has unique challenges as a private school with baseball’s scholarship limitations but private schools like Stanford and Vanderbilt are doing better.

You need to right coach. And there is little to suggest at this point Lynn Swann will know what to do. The only hope is that his underlings are able to find the right coach.


3 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. Usc was swept by Stanford and the despicable disease called ugly. Washington and Uof A took the series. That is 10 losses in league. Not good


    1. Hey Paul,
      They have 12 losses total in league play with a .333 % The two sweeps were abominable giving up 77 runs in six games scoring like 10 or 11. The
      biggest aspect is that Hubbs was a pitching coach before being hired by the Trojans, and pitchers get worse after their freshman years with major injuries or lack of control. Wolf right that Swann is not suited for hiring or even being an AD. A very good football player, but is below Pat Haden in
      his current position. Look who he hired for women tennis and women volleyball. There is some reason a well known coach doesn’t want to come to USC.


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