Even Lane Kiffin Thinks USC Baseball Needs To Regain Tradition

Former USC coach Lane Kiffin “liked” my tweet this morning that featured my blog post on USC baseball.

Kiffin must agree something needs to be done to revive USC baseball. Who knew he followed USC baseball closely?


5 thoughts on “Even Lane Kiffin Thinks USC Baseball Needs To Regain Tradition

  1. Lane “likes” the fact that it becomes more and more clear that USC wouldn’t know a great coach if they tripped over one.


    1. MG, ( not Mike Garrett ) you are so right about coaching hires. Swann’s choices for women volleyball and women tennis look lame. Hope he has the guts to fire Hubbs in baseball and Nygaard in men volleyball next month. Outscored 42 to 6 by ucla in being swept this weekend. Coupled with a sweep loss to Stanford by 35 to a few runs has to be the worst of the worst. Hubbs was a former pitching coach who ruins more pitchers once they arrive at USC . Hitting almost as bad. Conf. record is 6 – 12. Action must be taken with these two sports immediately if not sooner.

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      1. Savage was available but SC passed, then the drunk AD tried to lure him from ugly with a million a year offer and was told no thanks

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      2. Let’s put it this way, Steve B. —–if Swann can’t whip up the energy or the guts to fire Hubbs, Clay Helton will be Head Football Coach forever.


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