USC Morning Buzz: Monday Notebook

Do you still trust recruiting rankings?

USC linebacker Cameron Smith is inconsistent at times but the fact remains he has outperformed three other linebackers that were rated higher than him in the Trojans’ 2015 recruiting class.

Here are the national rankings from for USC’s 2015 linebackers:

Porter Gustin 25

John Houston 30

Osa Masina 37

Cameron Smith 126

Gustin was hurt most of last season; Houston looked lost for about half of last season and Masina was last seen being sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to sexual assault charges.

Smith entered USC in their shadow and started 35 games, more than the other three’s combined starts.

  • Speaking of recruiting, USC received a commitment Sunday night from offensive lineman Jason Rodriguez of Oak Hills High School in Hesperia.

Back to baseball, USC was outscored 42-6 in its three-game series with UCLA.

In six Pac-12 games vs. UCLA and Stanford, USC was outscored, 74-8.

Can this all be blamed on baseball’s scholarship limitations?

I don’t pretend to think baseball is a big deal with most USC fans but these results are ridiculous.



11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Monday Notebook

  1. Looking at the current college baseball rankings, there are 3 private schools, Stanford #2, Duke #13 and Vandy #17 listed in the top 25, so having a top baseball team can be done, but not if you hire people with no previous coaching experience.

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  2. Cam Smith was the best linebacker in the class by the middle of Spring Practice his freshman year. Wasn’t even close, if you remember, Scottie.

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  3. Scott you are on the money with the baseball program. It is ridiculous that they can play like little league rs against the good teams this late in the season. Unheard of to be humiliated by the ‘ruins like this last series. Beat them early in season when it only counts for pride. They play scared too often. The Athletic Dept. is so inept with finding even decent coaches it is humorous. Personally USC is trying to be an academic school first and foremost w/o any regards to sports other than football which brings in the finances. It is now forty years since the Trojans won five national titles in 1978 . Now they have become a water polo / beach volleyball school with
    Track & Field on the cusp. Sad times for someone who has followed closely all the sports since the early sixties.

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    1. Steve B.—- Is it possible that the emails Todd McNair is seeking in his lawsuit show that the NCAA placed Swann at USC “as their insurance policy” ….?

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    2. Scholarship limits have hurt, but you then find away around them. But when the school President is only interested in sticking his hands in the pockets of wealthy Asians and Arabs for their money, promoting the LGBT movement and has ZERO interest in athletics and the AD’s are either out to lunch mentally, drunk or just hamstrung by fiscal limits, the current state of USC athletics is what you get, and it’s unacceptable.


  4. that’s our wolfman….brutally HONEST!!

    the baseball was quite a beating….caught the last game. hey wolfman, remember when Paddy O’Hadden tried to hire Savage a week after he got his natty???? EMBARASSING!!!! offered him triple the money as i recall and he snorted at it!!! looks like the trOXans just gave up after that sorry episode!!!



    1. USC “gave up”? I don’t call being on the wrong side of 16-1 and 19-2 baseball scores in front of friends and fans merely giving up, Charlie. It’s more like inviting family over and lighting the fuse to the cherry bomb you’ve put up your butt.


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