2022 Is Shaping Up As Year To Forget

For the past few years, I’ve written about how USC’s non-conference schedules are somewhat underwhelming. For example, in 2022, USC plays Rice, Fresno State and Notre Dame.

In 2020, USC currently plays New Mexico, Notre Dame and has an open date. That is why there is talk about playing Alabama in the season opener at a neutral site. And 2021 has BYU, Notre Dame and an open date.

You can see a pattern here: Notre Dame, a cupcake and then maybe a good team. But more likely another team that does not excite anyone.

Remove the Alabama game in 2020 and it’s pretty uninspired.


9 thoughts on “2022 Is Shaping Up As Year To Forget

  1. 2018 is a year to forget for the Baseball team. Lost another on Tuesday at home to LBSU in the last two innings committing 4 errors. At one time in the ninth had 4 runs on 4 hits with 4 errors. Hubbs let the pitcher Clark give up 4 runs during the 9th with some shoddy fielding then brings in his closer Connor Lunn to get the last out down by four runs. What strategy is that all about. Man I would fire Hubbs on the spot now, and let Gabe Alvarez finish out the season as head coach.

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  2. Fresno State & Notre Dame – hardly bad scheduling. Rice? They suck. But they’re much better than the I-AA teams that the SEC plays footsie with prior to their rivalry games late in the season during “Cupcake Saturday”, as ESPN dubs it.


  3. Wolf- I know you like to bash SC for doing things everyone else does, but how many schools schedule more than one non conference traditional powerhouse team every year?


  4. If other teams don’t get punished for scheduling cupcakes, and USC does not get rewarded for not scheduling cupcakes, then why avoid cupcakes? You can’t have it both ways, Scooter. If you want a national championship and the modern formula for getting there is to schedule at least one cupcake, then you schedule an effing cupcake. Bragging about USC’s schedule in a bar while watching an SEC and ACC team play in the national championship is just plain ignorant.

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