USC Morning Buzz: Wednesday Notes

  • UMass offensive lineman Jack Driscoll is supposed to announce where he will transfer today: USC, UCLA and Auburn are his choices. UCLA just got Texas Tech offensive tackle Justin Murphy on Tuesday so we will see if that makes a difference.
  • USC assistant coaches Ronnie Bradford and Keary Colbert were at St. John Bosco on Tuesday. Looks like USC is ready to treat Bosco like it usually treats Mater Dei. USC wants cornerbacks Chris Steele (No. 1 in picture above) and Trent McDuffie.
  • Former USC tennis player Steve Johnson has married former USC women’s volleyball player Kendall Bateman.
  • USC’s baseball woes continued Tuesday night as the Trojans lost to Long Beach State, 8-5. The Trojans are now 18-18 overall.

One thought on “USC Morning Buzz: Wednesday Notes

  1. Again Scott tries to make it LOOK like USC baseball is in trouble. For his information, Long Beach State is much better than their 17-24 record. With a few of breaks they could be at .500 (just like us). As I’ve said before, it’s not like our baseball team has given up or anything (they have too much pride for that). It’s more like they’ve placed a cherry bomb up their butt and lit the fuse for the entertainment of fans, family and friends.


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