USC Morning Buzz: Sam Darnold Slipping?

It’s NFL Draft day and there is an indication the Cleveland Browns are going to pass on Sam Darnold with the No. 1 pick and take Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield. Read the credible reporting on that here.

If I’m Darnold, I would pray the report is true. He would certainly go to the New York Giants or New York Jets in the next two picks.

Hmmm, what’s better? New York or Cleveland? Not being coached by Hue Jackson and getting New York endorsement deals is a no-brainer.

I could go on and on. Though a big negative with the Jets is offensive coordinator Jeremy “Mr. Coffee” Bates.

It’s a win-win for Darnold. If the Browns actually took him, I think the city of Cleveland would love him and his no-ego personality. Jackson will probably be fired after next season so Darnold would have a better coach eventually. And the Browns look like the organization finally has direction.

Darnold will be a success wherever he plays.

Perhaps we should all be focusing more on Ronald Jones and whether his stock really slipped. If he drops below the second round, it’s got to be viewed as a big “yes.”



9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Sam Darnold Slipping?

  1. Who gives a crap about Darnold. He played only two years with the last
    one no big deal. He will get his money whatever with no loyalty to the
    school. Even Andrew Luck came back for his jr. season. Darnold can live
    with his no production vs. Notre Dame and Ohio St. in 2017. Bye, Bye!

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    1. Can you imagine Darnold as the QB on one of PC’s teams ? He would have had an OL in front of him that wasn’t a joke and he would have been coached up, something Gomer and his band of W Kentucky losers didn’t do.


    2. I re-watched highlights of Sam’s Rose Bowl win yesterday —–he was amazing in that game. Unfortunately for USC, after that game was over Sam had ONE thought in mind —-go through the motions for another season without getting hurt and head for the NFL. If all we had ever seen of Sam was his 2017 season no one would give him a second thought.


  2. Scottie, your gushing over Sam is interesting. For every other player and coach at SC, you take pains to find the negative. Yet you ignore what every expert is most concerned about – his turnovers. Not passes that were tipped, etc, but his fumbling in the pocket. You’re hitching your traincar to his locomotive so you can say you were with him at the beginning – unlike Carrol, who you shat on from the outset. But I’d appreciate more consistency from you here. Hell, be negative about everyone USC-related – it’s your brand. But giving this admittedly great kid a pass on his critical weakness is beneath you.

    Also, where is the McNair coverage. is covering it pretty damned well with Keeley and Dan at the courthouse. Would be curious where you land. (I’m sure you’re pro-Lloyd Lake, anti Todd, but give your users what they want!)

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    1. Darnold’s so bad he might slip to the 2nd or 3rd pick, boo hoo.

      The kid tried to make plays for his team, he made mistakes but he tried. His OL WAS A JOKE
      His coaches WERE A JOKE
      His head coach IS A JOKE

      Wait until this year when Gomer has either a raw true freshman playing QB behind the same sad OL or one of the 2 incumbents who can’t throw the ball, good luck with that.


    2. Our best source for news on the McNair trial remains Charlie Bucket, Lamont. And it will be every bit as balanced as anything we would get from Scott….


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