A Bad Take On Sam Darnold/Josh Rosen

I usually disagree with Colin Cowherd. Now I have to read a wrong opinion from fellow Fox radio host Clay Travis:

“I’m nervous about Sam Darnold. I watched him play at USC and I didn’t feel like at every time at snap he knew exactly what he was going to do. At snap, Josh Rosen knows exactly what he’s going to do and had total command of that offense.”

I have no problem with someone saying Rosen is better than Darnold. He played great against USC last season. But to say Darnold did not know what he was doing and Rosen had total command of the offense?

That makes it sound like one is just incredibly better than the other. They are both good quarterbacks. Have you read similar takes from any NFL scouts, coaches or executives? No.

Is Travis complaining about Darnold’s ability to improvise? He won a Rose Bowl doing it. And many other games.


4 thoughts on “A Bad Take On Sam Darnold/Josh Rosen

  1. “Improvising” only gets you so far in the NFL. Clay Russell worried last year that Sam’s improvising on Sundays might look a lot like Johnny Manziel’s. Sam’s a WAY bigger talent than Manziel but there still may be a bit of truth in what Clay said.


    1. Don’t confuse Darnold improvising out of necessity for Darnold improvising due to indecision or not being quick enough with his coverage reads. The offense was ridiculous simplistic and defense often knew what and would have the WRs covered initially, so Darnold often had to buy time for them to break open. He doesn’t have to depend on improvisation, he can also sit in the pocket and deliver a dart, but that only happens if the OL protection is solid which it wasn’t or the WRs get open immediately, which they often didn’t.


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