Sam Darnold Goes No. 3 To The New York Jets

Sam Darnold slips to No. 3 but who cares? He is going to New York and he will probably start immediately.

He dodged the Cleveland Browns and ended up going to the Big Apple and possibly the best situation for him. Big endorsements. He won’t mind the attention or scrutiny in New York.

“No, wherever I go there will be pressure,” Darnold said. “I’m just going to do my job.”

Darnold on Cleveland taking Mayfield: “It is what it is. I was on my toes ready to get that call. Once I didn’t it was on to New York.”


What can New York Jets fans expect?

“A lot of wins,” Darnold said. “That’s what I can bring to a franchise.”


11 thoughts on “Sam Darnold Goes No. 3 To The New York Jets

  1. Congratulations to Sam, he is far better off in the big Apple than Cleveland.
    Wish him all the best. Can’t wait to follow him on Sunday’s. Let’s go Jets.


  2. All those Jets jerseys during the season were right on the money with the Darnold name plate. Not the #1 pick, but a really good situation for Sammy. Fight on!

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