USC Morning Buzz: Four Players Picked In 3 Rounds Means Something . . .

Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones, Uchenna Nwosu and Rasheem Green were drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft. They were four of the first 79 players selected.

So this buries the whole crowd of people during the season who said how great an accomplishment it was to win the Pac-12 South. And then the Pac-12 title.

USC had the most-talented team. Even this draft proved it. Especially when you have a quarterback and tailback selected in the first 38 picks.

What a joke that some felt the Pac-12 South was a feather in the cap.

This was a team capable of going to the College Football Playoff. This draft only reinforced that notion.

Instead, USC merely won a Pac-12 title, a conference that went 1-8 in bowl games. USC then lost resoundingly in the Cotton Bowl.

If a Pac-12 title satisfies you, that is fine. I look at the past two years as squandered when you consider Sam Darnold was the quarterback.

“We knew there was no way he would be able to meet the expectations that were put in front of him with all the hype going into last season,” Darnold’s father, Mike, told the New York Post on Friday.

But did Clay Helton and Tee Martin do to help him? Start Jalen Greene at wide receiver over Tyler Vaughns? Wait until Game 9 to start Michael Pittman over Steven Mitchell?

Did that help USC, Darnold or the offense? Last season was one where USC needed to go for it and instead played it safe. And paid the price.

But the draft is going great!


11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Four Players Picked In 3 Rounds Means Something . . .

    1. Wolf would put a negative spin on the return of Jesus. He is incapable of any kind of optimism. That is the main reason his blog is at best obscure at this point in time. Wolf, you reap what you sow.


  1. My opinion: Last year Helton was unsure what he had for offense. Martin was inconsistent with play calling and the online was a disaster. Plus it didn’t help not to have receivers until Vaughn came into his own.

    However, I don’t have an optimistic opinion for the team this year. The online is the same and u are down a qb. It will be worse this year


    1. There is ALWAYS a negative spin to be applied to any USC story for Scottie. Which is why we love his saltiness. Unless, of course, you’re talking about Sammy – he is without sin according to our favorite beat reporter. The fact that SC couldn’t beat Ohio State made everything fit for Scottie. But even if they won that game, he’d go off on Why oh Why could they NOT have beaten Wazzou to get them onto the playoff? (Try the WayBackMachine to see all of his belly-aching during he first 4 years of the Carroll era.. classic.) But again, I’m happy to have Scottie back in action!

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      1. Nice stuff, Lamont. There is no lack of POSITIVE spin on other Trojan sites. And NO spin at all is boring. So what does Scott do? Play Devil’s Advocate —and get folks riled up. Is this fun for readers? Yep. Does this somehow hurt the team (& cause it to lose in South Bend or the Cotton Bowl)? Nope.


  2. A shame that three of the four had another year of eligibility. Sark recruited all the players while Helton gets credit for Fink and Sears.
    Hopefully J.T. Daniels save his butt in the fall. The problem with the
    Trojans is that the top players are leaving early while the avg. ones
    are around for all four years


    1. Seems to be that way everywhere isn’t it. What do you know about
      Fink and Sears that has you so negative. All that talent USC gets and only sends 4 guys to the nfl? Was it really talent?

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  3. It means the opposite of what you think it means. USC had four people drafted. Three of them were early enterees. One of them was a senior and he was a four-year development project. It means that their five-year-in-the-program starting safety was not good enough to get drafted. It means their best WR was not good enough to get drafted. It means that one two-year starter and one four-year starter from the O-Line were not good enough to get drafted. It means that over the last three years, USC has only had one offensive lineman be drafted, and he was cut from his drafting team in less than one year.

    It means that USC having the most talent in the Pac-12 is like being the best team in Triple AAA. Bama, UGA and LSU had between then=m more players drafted than the entire Pc-12.

    It means that USC still doesn’t have the depth to challenge at the elite levels if college football.


    1. I guess you don’t buy Helton’s statement that it was “a very competitive 24-7 loss,” Joe.


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