Deontay Burnett Is Not Drafted

USC wide receiver Deontay Burnett was not drafted. Is this a surprise?

When Burnett turned pro, I was told by sources that Clay Helton told Burnett he would be a late round pick or perhaps undrafted.

Burnett weighed this against a feeling Helton would be eager to showcase other receivers like Amon-Ra St. Brown, Michael Pittman and Tyler Vaughns.

This is a common feeling among receivers. I remember George Farmer leaving early worried Steve Sarkisian wanted to focus on other receivers like Isaac Whitney. OK, that might not have been the best thought in retrospect.

Anyways, even if Burnett came back, he would be undersized next year and there was a further risk of injury at USC.

So he needs to sign with a team and hope for the best.

Below are free agent signings:

Burnett, Tennessee Titans

Chris Hawkins, Seattle Seahawks

Josh Fatu, Detroit Lions

Nico Falah, Tennessee Titans

Steven Mitchell, Rams

Viane Talamaivao, Seattle Seahawks


4 thoughts on “Deontay Burnett Is Not Drafted

  1. Well this confirms my thoughts about this morning’s post. USC didn’t have the best team as postulated earlier. USC was hamstrung by horrible linemen. The evidence of this is the draft. What we had for our O line last season was a group of undisciplined fat weak guys. Nobody saw any use for them in pro football, but the guys who succeeded in spite of the useless blocking are valuable. They were drafted.
    Hopefully recruiting and coaching changes will fix this. USC cannot continue to have players who don’t do their jobs and or create costly miscues.

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    1. Looks like Gomer has a nice OL class coming in for 2019, the problem is he has a complete moron coaching them in Callaway, so, does it really matter ?


  2. Remarkably even-handed post! Even, maybe, a little credibility thrown toward Helton?? It’s anew day in Troy…. And yeah, Deontay is an amazing young man – class act. But it did seem like he thought another year wouldn’t help his draft status, and he may have had a bit of “Ricky-Town-Fever”, observing the talent of St. Brown coming in. Who knows? Bottom line: he’ll be fine – he’ll form a nice battery with Mariota.


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