USC Ranked No. 17 In ESPN Poll

ESPN’s post-spring Top 25 poll is out and USC is ranked No. 17.

It seems like the polls are settling USC into the 15-20 range. Washington is ranked No. 6; Stanford is No. 14 and Oregon is No. 24.

The Ducks were unranked previously but the addition of wide receiver Tabari Hines probably helped.


4 thoughts on “USC Ranked No. 17 In ESPN Poll

  1. You really think a receiver from Wake Forest is the tipping point for getting ranked? Or is it because he did not pick SC?


  2. QB issue is too large right now to even think that they are a top 25 team. The two qb’s remind me of Vince Evans who could not hit the side of a barn his first year, but in the second year he did alright. These two can’t hit a side of a barn, yet. Let us see how they are doing after game 3.


      1. Gents – agree with above. However, USC is not Playoff team next year. What looks to be a good defense, but there are way to many variables with offense to be a playoff team.


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