USC Afternoon Notes

  • USC has won 12 NCAA baseball championships but I have not heard a peep from athletic director Lynn Swann about the sport this year.

The Trojans are in ninth place in the Pac-12, which has only 11 teams and have only one NCAA Tournament appearance under coach Dan Hubbs since 2013.

Swann might intend to make a move but even his “State of Troy” newsletters have not mentioned baseball.

  • Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan said “nothing has been predetermined” about when Sam Darnold might start at quarterback.

” He’s going to have every opportunity to go out there and hopefully fulfill every potential we see in him,” Maccagnan said on the Rich Eisen show.

  • The New York Times has a story today that mentions USC is one of several universities that received federal aid money for hurricane relief from last year’s hurricanes.

What did USC do with its hurricane money that could have helped schools in Puerto Rico?


3 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. Scooter, your writing skills need a refresher. You need a comma before you start a quote and you need to capitalize the first letter of the first work in the quote.

    I love it that USC received money for a hurricane relief effort. I hope they used it to help with the renovation of the Coliseum.


  2. My guess is that, like NYU, they accepted Puerto Rican students displaced by the hurricane. I know USC, like a lot of institutions, did the same thing for Tulane students after Hurricane Katrina.

    Or, it could be a big scandal as the blogger suggests. There’s always a chance to be right for once.


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