USC Morning Buzz: Uniforms Must Be Uniform Next Season

The NCAA is going to enforce some new rules regarding uniforms, which you can see below. Now look at the above photo of USC players against UCLA last season and see how many would be in violation. Most have their knees uncovered. One is wearing a T-shirt below the jersey.

Fortunately for USC, the NCAA did not address whether you need to wear tights or sleeves that match the team’s socks. It’s still going to be a nightmare for someone to enforce with a program as loose as USC.



6 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Uniforms Must Be Uniform Next Season

  1. Well the real question is how will they enforce the rule? With so many clamoring for the death of the NCAA, a fine is counterintuitive. Also penalties would seem out of place. Can you imagine the outcry if a touchdown was negated because a lineman’s shirt was untucked?
    USC needs to police their uniforms but only because it looks shabby and undisciplined to have so many not uniform uniforms.


  2. SC does look reckless with the way they wear the uniform. I remember back in the day (Yes, it sounds like a broken record), in the 70’s, USC looked real sharp. They all tucked in the jersey’s, they all wore white socks, and they all wore black shoes. BTW, they played very well.


    1. What did you think of Clay Helton’s lightning response to the NCAA’s new uniform rules: “I believe that as long as none of our players wear another school’s uniform during a game (especially the uniform of the school we’re playing), we’re within the spirit of the law.”


  3. Shows that in this particular instance either he is joking or he has a lacadasical attitude. I always thought, as a player, that if you take care of the small details, the big one will take care of themselves. I believe in strict discipline on and off the field and you dress the way you play. They dress sloppy and it shows in their plays, they play sloppy.


  4. I don’t remember USC “looking sharp” in the 1970s. I remember commentator Bud Wilkerson complaining that the Trojan players dress sloppy and the Coliseum spelled the marijuana. I liked that. I liked that we were squares like the Midwesterners. USC fans have selective memories.

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  5. Pietro,

    Maybe I read your sentence incorrectly, but did you say that Bud Wilkerson said that the Coliseum spelled the marijuana? Either you are loaded or a typical ruin fan that can’t read or write. The proof of CA education tax dollars are at work.


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