If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The USC Notes Column


  • I’ve said countless times the NCAA sanctions against USC were heavy handed and unjust.

I also believe former USC assistant coach Todd McNair is going to win a huge financial judgement in his current trial against the NCAA.

But I want to point to something from his testimony during his trial Thursday in Los Angeles: McNair was asked by his attorney if he was aware of impermissible benefits Reggie Bush received before the news went public in 2006?

“Absolutely not,” McNair said.

Is that plausible? According to the book, “Tarnished Heisman,” McNair visited Reggie Bush while Bush stayed in a $639 a night suite at the Manchester Grand Hyatt the weekend of March 4, 2005. Bush was in town for a birthday party for former NFL running back Marshall Faulk.

The star tailback at USC, the No. 1 program in the nation at the time, is staying in a posh suite in San Diego before his senior year and it didn’t raise any red flags for the assistant coach? Really?

Most USC fans don’t want to hear or think about this. They just want McNair to win millions so they can avenge the NCAA sanctions.

  • When USC beat Stanford in 1973, Trojans coach John McKay had this fiery quote: “I’d like to have beaten them by 2,000 points. They have no class. They’re the worst winners we’ve ever come up against.”

Why was McKay so upset?

“Stanford was not his favorite,” said McKay’s long-time assistant, Dave Levy. “He felt they were a little arrogant. Stanford gave him the needle. He used to say, `I like (Stanford coach) John Ralston when we beat them. I don’t like him when we lose to them.”

The McKay-Ralston feud reached its peak in 1976. McKay was in his first season coaching the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ralston coached the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos won, 48-13, and McKay refused to shake hands with Ralston. McKay accused Denver of running up the score.

“I have been in the other position a lot more than that horse’s ass,” McKay said of Ralston. “I don’t like any part of him. His day is coming.”

Ralston denied running up the score: “I guess John has forgotten about some of those games when his USC teams pounded on my Stanford bunch and on other Pacific Coast Conference opponents. I can’t ever remember him taking out O.J. (Simpson) when he had us on the run.”

  • Need proof the Pac-12 is falling behind other major conferences? Here is how much each conference gave its schools in 2017:

SEC: $41 million

Big Ten: $36 million

Big 12 $34.3 million

Pac-12: $30.9 million

Pac-12 schools getting paid $10 million than SEC schools is probably the best example of why the conference is so far behind in the College Football Playoff race.


10 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The USC Notes Column

  1. Get rid of the bum they call the Pac 12 Commissioner and get someone in there that will actually look after the PAC 12. The Commissioner is a bonehead wanna be ruin.


  2. wolfman, there is certainly MORE evidence than the posh hotel room, i talkin’ ’bout cash cars, jewelry, travel, clothes and pictures, phone records and lyin’ witnesses for Todd.

    with Mcnair’s help, Reggie raked in over $300K worth of loot!!! and you have the GALL to claim the penalty was too severe??


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    1. Todd confronted Reggie on the house, jewelry, cars and clothes, Charlie.


  3. Why is nothing happening with the men volleyball program? Coach Nygaard should be out the door by now. Swann can’t be oblivious to
    the job coach has done the last few years. 8 – 20 record with two wins
    against a Div. 2 or 3 teams plus two vs. Ivy League schools.

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