A Bear Bryant-John McKay Story

Alabama coach Bear Bryant and USC coach John McKay were not only legendary coaches but good friends.

McKay certainly got along with Bryant much better than Stanford coach John Ralston.

So here is a story told me by a former USC administrator: One day, Bryant showed up at USC and came to McKay’s office. Bryant had been in Las Vegas and took a private plane to Los Angeles. When he met McKay, Bryant started taking cash out of his pockets that he won in Las Vegas and told McKay to keep it for him.

McKay counted the cash, which totaled $16,000 and put it inside a file cabinet in his office.

About six months later, Bryant visited McKay again at USC.

“Do you want the money you gave me?” McKay asked.

“What money?” Bryant said.

The assumption was Bryant might have had a little too much to drink in Las Vegas.


9 thoughts on “A Bear Bryant-John McKay Story

  1. Scooter, do you have any stories about Mckay and Parsighian with Mckay, or Vermil with Mckay, or Darryl Rodgers and Mckay? We want to hear them.

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    1. Yes, agreed, Marvienna —We want ALL the John McKay stories Scott has ever heard (unless they involve Haden)…..


  2. Marvienna,

    So true.

    Upchuck, aren’t you late for the carrier that you built your entire ugly experience around, pizza delivery?


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