USC Sunday Buzz: Blast From The Past

Legenary Alabama coach Bear Bryant at the Pepperdine coaching clinic in 1967. Photo courtesy Pepperdine University archives.

Earlier this week, I recounted a Bear Bryant-John McKay story.

Here’s another one: In the early 1960’s, Bryant was at the Pepperdine Coaching Clinic. During his presentation to a large group of coaches, Bryant passed out.

McKay was not there but several USC coaches were in the audience. The USC coaches were then asked to come to the front of the room and finish the presentation.


8 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Blast From The Past

  1. only the wolfman has these gems.

    loved the story about him stashing $16K in McKay’s office. sounds like Bear liked to have a good time, only he could control himself unlike Sark.

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    1. UMS (un-monitored Scott) has been telling the unvarnished truth about sports journalism since his return. The lickspittles live to denigrate the truth. A showdown is coming. I’m afraid it’s up to you and me, Charlie, to shield Scott in the epic, final battle between good and evil.

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      1. You need to stop reading “the hobbit” so much…put the book down and go for a walk, maybe even leave the neighborhood once in a while.
        No. Seriously.

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    2. Bear under better control than Sark? Only if you count “passing out during a presentation to a large group of coaches” as “controlling yourself…”

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    3. Upchuck, at that time at ugly, Prothro didn’t even know about what $16 k looked like since he was making minimum wage at ugly. Just thought of this now, the ugly basketball players were making more money than Prothro

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