Another Pac-12 Offer For USC Recruit

Cornerback Trey Davis, who committed to USC this week, picked up a scholarship offer from Washington State.

So Davis has offers from USC, Washington State, Portland State and Sacramento State.

Why hasn’t Washington offered Davis? He is from Federal Way, which is 24 miles from Seattle. Chris Petersen is not a dummy. But maybe the Huskies will offer Davis eventually.

The lickspittle USC recruiting media will twist themselves into pretzels justifying whatever happens. They will say today the USC coaches were prescient to take Davis today. If USC drops him later, they will praise the coaches for being shrewd and simply taking a better player.

Of course, they will base their opinion on watching video on their phone or laptop. Or more likely, just praise USC for whatever it does, which is why they are lickspittles who want to curry favor with the coaches.

  • USC women’s water polo defeated UCLA, 10-6, in their NCAA semifinal title match to advance to Sunday’s final against either Cal or Stanford.
  • USC baseball lost to Washington State, 8-4.

7 thoughts on “Another Pac-12 Offer For USC Recruit

  1. Dear Scott — After today’s column, it might be good for your readers to trade off guarding your life from the wrath of the lickspittles when you’re in public.

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  2. Again, you’re talking Practice? I mean, we’re not talking about final recruiting rankings, we’re talking bout Practice. I mean, Practice? Practice? Not the end result, but Practice? – Iverson.


  3. Hello Fellow Trojans and Bucket!

    Been off social media for a while. . Glad to see Scott hasn’t

    Looking forward to this season…100 days til kickoff of 2018. ✌


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