USC Cornerback Recruiting Horror Stories Continue

I know there are still a few apologists out there defending USC’s recruiting class but here’s another tale.

KJ Trujillo, a three-star cornerback from Orange Lutheran, said he was offered a scholarship by USC on Dec. 17.

That was two days before Signing Day!

He signed with Colorado, and also visited San Diego State and Utah State. Cornerback Mark Perry, who also signed with Colorado, was offered by USC on Dec. 12, exactly a week before Signing Day.

Maybe Colorado really is Cornerback U.

I’m really surprised the recruiting pundits are not jumping on Clay Helton and Co. over the way they botched the recruitment at cornerback. Whether it was Chris Steele’s decommitment or some questionable decisions with other recruits, it’s been developing over several months. Just read this if you doubt that.


10 thoughts on “USC Cornerback Recruiting Horror Stories Continue

  1. Oh yeah, I remember, MP was the one who took exception to you putting him down on twitter wasn’t he? Offending high school kids is a new low.

    What ever happened to make you so bitter?

    Just wondering, did you ever take the class on journalistic integrity?

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    1. 16 and 17 year olds are fair game in SW’s book I guess. According to Wolf if these guys sign with CO, it makes them CB U, but if they sign with SC SC stinks. Huh?
      On average, a Power 5 school offers anywhere from 150 to 250 scholarships per year. A secondary list of players exist, are not offered, but are communicated with and kept in the loop until scholarships are available- usually near signing day. Just look at the signing day flip of 3 Star Dejon Benton; Nick Figueroa took Datona Jackson’s scholarship.
      The Trojans clearly don’t have a lot of depth at CB- they have quality players though. Chris Steele did not commit anywhere and this is an indicator that he is still interested (probably wants to check out the new DB coach which is smart). Clearly players like Perry and Trujillo were offered to add depth and will have a better chance of playing in Boulder. They were not primary targets. A 5-7 season will have ramifications and, obviously, has affected recruiting and the ebb and flow that comes with it.
      Just another example of Lazy SW not being diligent.

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      1. There comes a redeemer, and he slowly too fades away
        And there follows his wagon behind him that’s loaded with clay
        And the seeds that were silent all burst into bloom, and decay
        And night comes so quiet, it’s close on the heels of the day
        Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world
        The heart has it’s beaches, it’s homeland and thoughts of it’s own

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      2. Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world,
        The heart has its beaches and homeland and thoughts of its own,
        Wake now discover your are the song that the morning sings,
        It’s evenings and songs of its own.

        Lyrics: Robert Hunter
        Tune: Jerome John Garcia


  2. While USC flops around with a joke of a head coach destroying the program, Alabama and Clemson are showing how elite their programs are.

    Gomer would not be carrying towels for Saban or Swinney

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    1. Better yet, while USC is down, the rest of the Pac-12 flounders – as usual. It’s sort of like a whimpering body with its head cut off. “What? No USC? What are we supposed to do? Win???” Apparently not. Who was the last Pac-12 team to win a Nattie? Trojans. Weak Sauce, you other pathetic programs.


  3. Brian Kelly funny. Must not have looked at stats in saying” talent disparity with Clemson not that much”. Sadly though that shows how far USC has to go.


  4. I don’t blame these student athletes I am a real Californian there’s No Way that I would sell out my state to go play somewhere else but that’s there choice. So there must be a reason why they are doing this. The Horrible coaching staff is my guess, or a team with a ton of talent constantly losing game’s with lead’s in the second half especially in the 4th quarter, a 5-7 record, losing to team’s we have always blown out in the past. When your team has a bunch of 5 star’s and you constantly lose to team’s with 2&3 Star recruits that we make talent leave the state. Great job with the new OC hire, terrible job keeping the overrated DC!!!!!!!


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