College Football Playoff Saturday . . . Zzzzz

If the fact Notre Dame could only beat USC by 7 points was not a huge warning, the Irish proved how they did not belong in the College Football Playoff today as Clemson breezed to a 30-3 victory.

And Alabama-Oklahoma was not a whole lot better as the Crimson Tide got off to a 28-0 lead.

Which leads me to the Pac-12. There is a lot of talk about how it is unfair for SEC teams to play eight conference games while the Pac-12 (and others) play nine games. Everyone should play the same number of conference games.

But let’s answer this: If you went to Clay Helton or another (better) Pac-12 coach and presented them with two options, which would they prefer?

Would they want to play eight SEC games or nine Pac-12 games?

Would you rather play Georgia, Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M?

Or Arizona, Stanford, Utah and Oregon?

Auburn was 7-5 and beat the Pac-12 champs this season (Washington). The Tigers then demolished Purdue.

Florida just demolished Michigan, 41-15.

Do you really want to play eight SEC games? USC wouldn’t last a month.


13 thoughts on “College Football Playoff Saturday . . . Zzzzz

  1. They wouldn’t last a month THIS year, when they’re 5 – 7. But during the Carrol era? We would have destroyed ’em, even though you would have been talking smack about Caesar all year, gnashing your teeth with each successive victory. Bottom line: All conferences should play the same number of conference games. The SEC will always rig it so Alabama plays Georgia once ever 8 or 9 years, and they’ll thrown in BYES (aka, Division II & III teams) before rivalry games. And the Pac-12 will always make its teams play road games on Friday nights on short weeks, because our college presidents and ADs are all woosies and won’t stand stand up to the pathetic networks.

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  2. Scoreboard Lamont Ala 45 – Okla 34. Roll Tide! Tide beat Georgia for the
    conference title , beat rival Auburn. What was the score in 2016 between
    the Crimson Tide and USC? That was a Div.2 opponent on that day. Swann, Helton, Larry Scott all losers.


    1. Yeah, they got housed – so? They finished that season #3 in the country, however. Join the club of teams losing to Alabama.

      BTW: Scottie is slow off the dime on this one, btw: “With five losses on Saturday’s schedule, the men’s college basketball season went from bad to worse for the Pac-12, which is assured of the worst December by a major conference in the past 20 years.” (ESPN)


  3. OK shows what a difference a running q/b makes…BAMA offense to powerful for OK , the lines at BAMA dominated both sides…no running q/b and game would have been ugly…sounds familiar…BAMA SC will be brutal with no bowl helton still around. Clemson will be like Georgia,in there to the end. None of these teams run around in shorts every practice or have skipped practices, or had no pads November BS.


  4. After watching Alabama, Clemson play yesterday, I finally realized how much Clay Helton has run the USC football program into the ground. The eyes don’t lie, people do, and clearly Lynn Swann is delusional for even suggesting his football program is in good shape, and extending Helton’s contract. The Trojans aren’t even PAC 12 championship material, much less a National championship type of team .

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    1. 100% right….as long as Helton has any control of this team the results will be the same or worse and for Swann to give this guy an extension of 5 years for what? Some other ‘national power’ was primed to ‘snatch’ him from USC? The hires Helton made for his assistants is telling. Until this fool is gone it will not change

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  5. The gap between bama & clemson and not only the rest of Div 1 but the Pac 12 is enormous…
    Trojans are so far from even being competitive with these guys it’s comical.
    Notice how many penalties Bama had .. or Clemson for that matter…
    It’s crazy how far the gap is…
    And losing all these local linemen to Oregon isn’t going to help either….

    Just Sad what SC has become…’

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  6. SCooter, yes USC would finish the season with a bad record. Helton better look at himself and ask one question, what do we need to do to get back in the playoffs. One thing is, no more Mr. Nice Guy. The players need to be as tough as nails and SC is very soft


    1. Ok, so keep talking to that dawg exhaust who mocks USC 24/7 your new found friend ‘always a clown’ who calls our school the same…you do that and wish him the best while the rest of us focus on what matters. Ridding our team of this buffoon Helton who is a perfect fit for bel-air tech and their demi-god the peckerwood.


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