USC Gets Linebacker Commitment

USC received a commitment from linebacker Stanley Taufoou of Grace Brethren in Simi Valley. He is No. 42 in the photo above.

Taufoou was the Division 8 Defensive Player of the Year. Yes, Division 8.

According to Rivals, he had offers from Cincinnati, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oregon State, UNLV, Utah and Washington State.


4 thoughts on “USC Gets Linebacker Commitment

  1. If I recall correction, you poked fun at SC taking a certain red-head from Granite Bay who only had 3 precious stars… Turned out to be a very game Cam Smith. Doh! Evaluating talent doesn’t mean clicking over to 247 sports, Rivals, and Scout to find the 5 or 4 star players.

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  2. You could say the same thing about Clay Matthews. To play this game, you have to have physical skills, and the intensity to wanting it so badly that you would give up a finger to play the game, like Lott did. It is a grind both mentally and physically.


  3. I also remember a Certain Blogger questioning signing a skinny, three-star linebacker from Narbonne who left school for a semester after his freshman year. Big mistake to waste a scholie on that kid, said the Certain Blogger, especially since USC still had scholie limits when the LB signed.

    That skinny three-star who temporarily left the team ended up as the highest USC LB drafted over the last 10 years.


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