USC Morning Buzz: The Downside Of Taking A Three-Star Recruit

  • When linebacker Stanley Taufoou of Grace Brethren committed yesterday, it led to some fan criticism because he is a three-star prospect.

Recruiting rankings can often be proven wrong. See Ricky Town (overrated) or Russell Wilson (underrated) for that.

But here is the problem that has nothing to do with whether people should be worried about USC taking three-star recruits: It’s not a bad thing unless it leads to USC dropping the recruit after they commit.

USC has a history in recent years of taking multiple commitments from recruits and then quietly dropping in the next six months.

It’s not good for the recruit and it shows poor judgement by the coaches.

USC always has highly ranked recruiting classes so there is no need to mess with the heads of a high school kid.

  • Former USC guard De’Anthony Melton worked out with the Houston Rockets.
  • USC holds its athletes’ graduation ceremony at 2 p.m. today. The main graduation ceremony for all students is tomorrow morning.

10 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Downside Of Taking A Three-Star Recruit

    1. No.

      Recruits commit earlier. They do this for many reasons — ego, pride, Instagram/Twitter fodder — but also strategically in order to boost their star ratings. You might think that an earlier commitment would stop the process, but if a player being initially offered primarily by mid-major and lower-level Power 5 teams suddenly commits to a USC, his stock goes up, and other upper-level Power 5 teams soon are interested. I have seen this happen with a friend of mine’s kid.

      Maybe he’s sold on USC, but I am willing to bet cash money that by the time the 2018 season starts, he gets his fourth star and other programs –Oregon/Utah/Washington – – come calling. Most football and basketball recruits and teams understand this process. Perhaps Taufoo and his family are a bit naive about off this, but I doubt it.


      1. This kid will get dropped if they need a scholie for a better player, same for the DB from Washington.

        WE ARE THREE STAR U !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Look at Georgia’s and Clemson’s recruiting classes. They go all out for the best. SC should too. BUT, I do know that ranking are subjective. You never know what a kid will turn out to be. Heck, Clay Matthews was a walk on!


  2. It makes no sense to only hand out offers for spaces you have available. A program will hand out many offers in the hope that they get a quality class. The offers versus the scholarships available rarely add up. Players drop schools. Schools drop players. Are we done crying yet?


    1. I have no problem recruiting 3 star kids, but this staff doesn’t coach kids up, the need all the 5 star talent they can get


  3. Buddaksrma, u are right again. The o line coach supposedly has the credentials to coach at Usc, but his coaching skills equate to a jr. high school coach.


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