USC Saturday Notes

  • USC is one of only four schools with more than one player selected in the NFL draft and more than one player invited to the NBA official combine. The others are UCLA, Miami and Maryland.
  • Former USC coach Todd McNair received a $240,000 settlement from USC in 2011.
  • The Pac-12 is considering eliminating the idea of travel partners in basketball. That means USC and UCLA might no longer face the Oregon schools or Arizona schools, etc., the same week. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said the travel partners will remain in effect for the near future but is less efficient because teams now play Wednesday-Sunday.
  • The USC baseball team is wearing green hats today, presumably for Cinco de Mayo. The Trojans actually beat Cal on Friday night but are losing to the Bears, 7-0, through five innings today. It’s 8-3 Cal in the seventh. USC comes back and wins 9-8 in 14 innings despite trailing 8-0. What time is parade on Monday?
  • No. 1 UCLA defeated No. 5 USC, 3-1, at the NCAA beach volleyball championships. USC was the defending national champs.

One thought on “USC Saturday Notes

  1. Sc was down 8-0 and then tied it in the 7th. #35, Lunn came in and shut down the dirty hippie. In the bottom of the 14th, Sc won when the stinking hippies walked the 9th run across the plate. The Trojans never quit, that is what it means to Fight On!


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