Did Pete Carroll Plot USC Departure A Year In Advance?

I’m not hanging on every word of the Todd McNair trial because I don’t think a $50 million judgement in his favor will erase the sting of NCAA sanctions. Money for an assistant coach doesn’t do that for me.

But I want to address something McNair said on the witness stand last week. McNair said USC coach Pete Carroll planned to leave well before the 2009 season by hiring Jeremy Bates (offensive coordinator) and Brian Schneider (special teams), who followed him to Seattle.

I am highly skeptical of this story. During those days at USC, if Carroll hatched an exit plan and his staff was aware of it, someone would eventually leak it to someone: another athletic dept. employee, a booster or even a reporter.

Bates was hired on Jan. 20, 2009. Carroll left USC on Jan. 10, 2010.

So for 12 months, Carroll knew he was leaving and no one said a word. I used to frequently talk to Carroll about going to the NFL. I wouldn’t expect him to tell me he planned to leave but I think word would get out.

Just another thing to be skeptical about that McNair said this week.


13 thoughts on “Did Pete Carroll Plot USC Departure A Year In Advance?

  1. wolfman, it sounds to me like you are tacitly suggesting McNair is lying about not being in league with Lake, and furthermore that Petey knew this is why the NCAA was coming for blood.

    of course this has been the Cadre’s position from day one.

    wolfman, it is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life or death.

    it will be life.


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    1. My dear Charlie —it sounds to me as though The Wolfman is tacitly denying there is ANY struggle between life and death —-and instead endorsing Gandalf’s words to Merry (….or Pippin… or one of the other little screw ups) that “death is not the end”………

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    2. Hey chucky, who is Rodney Alacala? And why did he leave the ruin campus in such a hurry? Was it the eight year old girl he raped and left for dead in his kitchen? How many did he kill after that fine ruin education?

      Chucky! You never answer. What’s up with that?

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      1. Hi Pudly! Our friend Charlie has been playing it very close to the vest ever since Chip Kelly and Hillary were photographed shopping together in Westwood [in very smart, matching pink pants suits].

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    3. I knew you would be following the trial with baited breath, hanging on every word. At this point, it looks like the NCAA will have to pony up mucho $ as McNair apparently not settling for a mere $10M. A couple of lawyers have commented about what a great job McNairs attorney is doing. Looks like you will be a loser AGAIN Chuck, Ted, or whatever handle u are using. Just like the Queen, you lose again, and again, etc.


  2. Chuck, chuck, chuck, and who did Johnny Cheetin Wooden tell when he ejected himself from the biggest cheating program? He left in disgrace and the following year after he slinked out of Polly Polivilan, Ugly was thrown on probation. Don’t you remember that Chuck?

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      1. Pink pants suits! Polyester…the gift that keeps on giving. Heard they were a perfectly matched pair, cankles and all.

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  3. So on the money, Pudly! […..but Chip’s cankles look kinda sexy next to Hillary’s….].


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