Todd McNair Wants At Least $27 Million

Todd McNair’s lawyer told the jury today he is seeking $27 million in actual damages from the NCAA plus unspecified punitive damages.

I won’t be surprised if the jury awards McNair that much money. But I don’t understand some of the reaction from the USC internet media/fandom crowd, who act like this trial will vindicate them. They are not the alleged victim.

A $27 million judgement won’t be about them. But they act like it will.


11 thoughts on “Todd McNair Wants At Least $27 Million

  1. Scott, come on bro, you are not that stupid right? Come on man, what is really going on inside of that head? Dr. Phil would be asking you right now, “How’s that working out for you?”


    1. It will be a partial vindication for USC – if McNair wins a significant percent of his lawyer’s demand this being a landmark case will always be discussing McNair’s mistreatment by the NCAA but also how they (NCAA) were intent on making changes as time went by and it will always mention USC as party to being excessively punished when Miami, PA St., Duke et. al. were barely bothered with such.


  2. I hope Mr. McNair get all he is seeking and deserves. I also desire the NCAA is dismantled and some other organization is created. I also hope the presidents of the member schools begin to represent their schools and the practice of common sense. The presidents of USC since Francis Topping have done nothing to back common sense of regulating college athletics.

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  3. I guess Scott missed the last 60 seconds of plaintiff’s closing argument…..


  4. Extra! Bleacher Report says that Chip Kelly is glued 24/7 to the chair in his new UCLA office. This could be interpreted as good news by avid UCLA football fans (e.g., “he’s applying his amazing mind to maximizing Bruin talent!”)…..except that, according to reports, the door is locked, the light is turned off and sounds of a man weeping can be heard from 100 feet away.


  5. Scott:

    Are you really that dense? The NCAA could only nail USC by nailing McNair. Take out McNair, they have nothing. A jury verdict for McNair is also a vindication for USC. 1 + 1 = 2. C+A+T = CAT. Get it?


  6. Reggie Bush received a House,
    Cars, money, etc. sc allowed agents in locker room. You can’t play dumb… or maybe you’re not playing dumb, you’re a trogan…


    1. Geez Bucket your rant sounds exactly like what Sam Gilbert did. Cars, abortions, clothes and “advice.” McNair will get his big $ and you will lose again just like your “Queen.”


    2. I love the “agents in the locker room” theory SC haters like to jump on. If they’d actually think it through they’d realize agents in the locker room would be a bad thing for SC football.


  7. It’s not complicated. Prior to their scapegoating McNair, they intended to give USC a one-year bowl band, and 3 scholships per year. Once they “ruled” that McNair had actual knowledge, it became lack of institutional control, 2 years of bowls, and 10 scholaries per year for 3 years. You remove the McNair element, and USC was unjustly stripped of 21 scholarships and one bowl season.


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