The Wizard Of Water Polo

USC water polo coach Jovan Vavic won his 15th NCAA title Sunday. He has nine men’s titles and six women’s titles.

It’s an impressive accomplishment.

But let’s also put some perspective on it especially when you can be a great coach in another sport and rarely or never win a national title.

There are only 22 colleges in the country that play Division I men’s water polo. There are only 33 that play Division I women’s water polo.

So as soon as USC puts on its water polo caps, it should be a top 5 team. This also applies to former UCLA men’s volleyball coach Al Scates, who won 19 NCAA titles. There are 22 Division I men’s volleyball programs.

You know how many Division I schools have track and field? More than 300. So everything is not equal.

This is not to minimize Vavic or Scates. But are they better coaches than former USC basketball coach Bob Boyd, who could not make the NCAA Tournament most years because only one team went from the Pac-8 and that was always UCLA.


4 thoughts on “The Wizard Of Water Polo

  1. “This is not to minimize…. ” Bull. It’s exactly what you’re doing. But we love it! Got to have that negative brand. Glad to see you back!

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    1. Yes, Lamont. Everyone knows what’s coming (i.e., the shaft) when a sentence begins, “This is not to minimize…..”


  2. Johnny Cheetin” Who? Wooden has nothing on Vavic. 15 national championships over 10 bought by Wooden.
    Scooter, you also forgot to mention when Wooden was cheating, the ncaa tournament had only 8 teams play for the trophy at that time.


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