Todd McNair Jury Is Currently Deadlocked

The jury at Todd McNair’s trial told the judge they are deadlocked, 8-4. You need 9 votes to reach a verdict.

The jury did not say which way it was leaning. The judge asked them to resume deliberations tomorrow.

“I got the impression there was more than general disagreement,” Judge Frederick Shaller said. “I would like to give it the best shot possible.”

How will the USC Internet media bask in the reflected glow of McNair’s case if a decision is not reached?


8 thoughts on “Todd McNair Jury Is Currently Deadlocked

  1. Sounds like the Jury has reached a no decision…time to call it!!

    Wolfman, I told the Cadre you would come to our HQ for the victory party!!!
    We’te catering in Five Gueys in your honor!!

    Open bar and the Preferred Plus gals will be performing!!


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    1. Charlie —-McNair only needs one more measly vote. I guess I need to find a way of slipping into that jury room tomorrow—-so’s I can have a little “talk” with that swing juror.


    2. Upchuck, how can you have a party when your job demands that you deliver the pizza’s on time?! Oh, that’s right, you only work part time since the company does not want to pay for your health care. That leaves it up to us to fund you and your grate edyoukation that you received from ugly.


  2. The USC Internet will completely meltdown.

    To them, it will be the OJ verdict, Redux.

    And if you think spring and fall camp reports were fawning, you should read Dan Weber’s trial reports. If the Jury remains deadlocked, Weber’s face will freeze into permanent, gobsmacked Dominick-Dunne-Face., particularly Dan Weber, has been drumming the “No Justice No Peace” war chant for over seven years. It’s been successful in keeping subscribers engaged and paying during the off-season/summer when recruiting reports slow down and PRP reports and pictures of shirtless athletes only go so far.

    But it has also changed the character of the hardcore USC fan, from confident and condescending royalty (“Someday, God willing, you, fan of other teams, shall too clothe yourself in the garments of victory!”) to permanently aggrieved and bitter victims (“The Fix is in! I demand reparations!”).

    Browse the fan boards. It like one-hundred NOBS posting every day, 50 times a day, seven days a week. It’s interesting, from an anthropological/sociological perspective, but it’s not a healthy place to inhabit.


  3. You have to be kidding ! Those twelve people could not make a decision ? How are these morons chosen ? It makes no difference which way they are leaning. You have to have an opinion after hearing this case whether you agree with the defense or the plaintiff. The state of California is full of these people.


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