Wednesday Notes

Some Wednesday morning notes:

  • Remember when last year’s Washington-Stanford game got bumped to Fox Sports 2 because truck racing ran too long?

That was a major embarrassment for the Pac-12 because many in Seattle do not even get Fox Sports 2. Well, from now on, when a game gets bumped, it will go to Fox Business Channel, which is available in more homes.

I would be happy if all games were on Fox Business, including those on the Pac-12 Network, which is unavailable to many of us.

  • Former USC wide receiver Damian Williams (pictured) was arrested for second degree battery Tuesday. A court hearing is scheduled today in Fayetteville, Ark. Williams, 29, attended Arkansas before he transferred to USC.
  • Do you want to know what entitlement is? Former USC athletic director Pat Haden made $15.7 million from 2011-16. And $2.8 million was from 2016, when Haden worked about seven months  as athletic director and five months in a fund-raising role for the Coliseum renovation. Just wait until Lynn Swann’s salary ever goes public. No one I know believes he would work for a dollar less than Haden got paid.
  • USC basketball will play TCU on Dec. 7 at Staples Center as part of a tripleheader with Nevada-Arizona State and New Mexico-St. Mary’s the other games. USC will play Oklahoma on Dec. 15 in Tulsa.
  • Sam Darnold and Ronald Jones are two of the 40 NFL rookies invited to the NFLPA Rookie Premiere weekend.

Players do a lot of photo shoots in their new NFL uniforms that can be turned into their first trading cares. The event has always used the Coliseum but that seems unlikely with the current renovation taking place.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes

  1. The problem I have is, that I always thought Haden was above it all. Boy, was I fooled. So the question is, who is worse at being a criminal, would that be OJ or Haden?


      1. Techinally speaking, he was not found guilty. He was acquitted. He never served jail time for the two “alleged” murders. Michael, we both know he did it, however, the judicial system did not see it that way.

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  2. Technically, Haden is not a criminal, by law, but if he did those things, then he is in the eyes of the public.


  3. Unfortunately, USC is all about entitlement.

    The GYN for students perved on girls for 30 years, and despite multiple complaints, nothing was done.

    It’s hard to be an alumnus sometimes. Glad I got a graduate degree elsewhere!


    1. Just look at the last 3 AD hires, none of them had any previous experience as an AD, but they all played football at USC, I think you see what’s more important at USC as far as job qualifications for being an AD at USC


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