Will Andy Enfield Improve USC’s Schedule?

So USC has a commitment from five-star Onyeka Okongwu and is expected to get the Mobley brothers now that their father (Eric Mobley) is an assistant coach.

Will that convince Andy Enfield to start improving the nonconference schedule?

Don’t bet on it. But it’s not hard. Utah just agreed to a two-year series with Kentucky. One game will be at Rupp Arena and  the other in Las Vegas.

Wouldn’t Kentucky have preferred to play USC in such a series? And wouldn’t that series have been a great way to attract more recruits? Yes and yes.

But that does not matter to Enfield. Even when he paid a price like last season’s NCAA Tournament snub. He lost all the big Pac-12 games and had no fallback position with any marquee nonconference victories.

Right now, it looks like USC’s big games next season are against Oklahoma (without Trae Young) and Texas Christian (21-12 last season). That’s not exciting. But it is just how Enfield wants it.



6 thoughts on “Will Andy Enfield Improve USC’s Schedule?

  1. Scooter,

    You forgot to mention the basketball juggernaut, Grand Canyon University coming to the Galen Center this year. Actually, GCU is trying to make a name. They have played Duke in a series and Arizona in a series. My son goes to GCU and their basketball arena is very nice looking. SC should win, but Scooter is right, it would be nice to get another big name team on the schedule. Last year they did play aTm and SMU and Okie and Middle Tenn St. That was not too bad.


    1. Now days you have to have a Shabazz Muhammad, Lonzo Ball, Deandre Ayton or Okungwu to play games against Duke and Kentucky and have it on a prime time.
      UCLA, AZ, Oregon can play games like that.
      SW thinks any Coach or AD will say “SURE!” and schedule USC.
      Utah’s a definite sellout and a tough road victory.
      The Galen Center is not yet a basketball advantage for the home team with only 4-5,000 showing up


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