When Did USC Take A Backseat To Duke?

USC coach Clay Helton made $2.6 million in 2016. Duke coach David Cutcliffe made $2.54 million.

Duke women’s basketball coach Joanne P. McCallie made $1.35 million. When USC fired women’s basketball coach Cynthia Cooper, it reportedly offered less than $400,000 to her replacements.

There was a time when USC was the gold standard for paying coaches. Pete Carroll made $4.4 million in 2006. Monte Kiffin made $1.5 million in 2010. Norm Chow was the nation’s highest-paid assistant coach when he got $250,000 to come to USC in 2001.

Women’s basketball coach Chris Gobrecht was lured from Florida State to USC in 1997, despite getting paid $150,000 by FSU (a pretty good salary at the time).

Times have changed. USC no longer wants to pay top rate. It can barely keep up with Duke in football. And can’t in women’s basketball. We won’t even discuss Mike Krzyzewski’s $7 million salary.


6 thoughts on “When Did USC Take A Backseat To Duke?

  1. Swann has let the problems fester. He has set the tone by showing that he does not care. He has not done his homework when looking for a new coach, nor does he demand that the administration pay for the top coaches. To make money you need to spend money, expect at USC where you just collect the money and not use it to better themselves.

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    1. There are a few things issues about this.

      1.) It should be common knowledge that ever since Sample hired Garrett, that the Atheltic Department is to operate in the black. And it has been a command ever since. The Department is to operate in the black. Debt will get your fired.

      For all the problems Garrett either created or allowed to fester, he did get the AD into the black. And Garrett talked about this ad nauseum, he considered it his top achievement, and whenever he felt defensive and went into Iron Mike mode, it was one of the first things he would mention. And Scott has heard Garrett babble on about this. So has anyone who has sat through a luncheon, dinner or a Cardinal and Gold event where Garrett spoke. Not sure why Scott doesn’t mention this.

      2.) Many overextended Athletic Departments stick it to the students.
      USC has been better than most schools about not sticking it to the students when it comes to funding athletics. Instead, USC prefers to stick it to the students in other ways.

      3.) An “excuse” you will hear, “off-the-record” is that the Administration is focused on the Coli rebuild. Some people are convicted beyond any reasonable doubt that once that gets done, the money will pour in, and you will see a lifting of all boats!

      It’s the trickle-down theory of college athletics. It remains to be seen if the Coli is ever a lucrative as some admin folks believe it will be, and even if it is lucrative, whether that money goes to the coaches and athletes or whether is gets funnelled into more captial projects. My bet is on the capital projects.


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