Morning Buzz: USC Over/Under Is Lower Than You Think

Here’s an over/under for USC and many other schools from

USC is only 7.5.

Must be the schedule and quarterback situation.

That is probably going to shock some people.



6 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Over/Under Is Lower Than You Think

  1. Man, I wish futures bets were legal now. That’s such an amazing opportunity. No Oregon or Wash this season. Assume (for now) that SC loses to Stanford and Texas… Can’t imagine them losing another 3 games. Put another way, I’ll take the OVER. that’s a steal.

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    1. Coach Helton is praying that you’re right, Lamont…….


    1. If we go 7-5 (which I don’t think we will, by the way), Swann will do the easy thing & let Helton go. But that won’t solve Swann’s problems. As a matter of fact, it will magnify them —–cuz I don’t think he has the slightest idea what he’ll do next.


  2. Naw, he won’t be gone. However, with an experienced qb the following season and the Coliseum being completed for 2019, If he loses that season or does not win in the next two seasons, then maybe. Fans are pissed by being stronged arm to paying for the Coliseum. If SC is a loser, that year, then the torches and pitchforks will be on sale for the Heritage Hall Massacre.

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